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How to make a terrarium


With the school year officially over and Christmas approaching there’s a bit more time to encourage the kids to make Christmas presents for loved ones and friends.

The gorgeous team at Inkling Art Space have an inexpensive and simple project for kids to get into the festive to make a terrarium. Watch the video or follow the instructions below.


Clean glass jar
Small plants
Potting mix
Optional extras–fly screen, shells, gems and tiny decorative objects

1. Pour gravel into the jar up to 1.5 cm.
2. Add a piece of fly screen to stop the soil from mixing with the gravel (optional).
3. Add a layer of potting mix up to 2 cm.
4. Place plants inside the jar and check the lid will go on without crushing the plants.
5. When you are happy with how the plants look, cover the roots with soil.
6. Add some decorative shells or gravel.
7. Water the plants and screw the lid on.
Tip: You can decorate the lid of your terrarium by spray painting it or gluing cool things on.

Maintaining your terrarium
• Water lightly once a week or so (check if there is water in the gravel)
• If it is too wet, leave the lid open for a while
• Leave the lid off if you are using cacti or succulents–they do not like being too wet

PS: Inkling Arts Space are running their ‘Terrific Terrariums’ workshop on 5 January (we’d recommend booking to make sure you don’t miss out). Check the school holiday pages for details and find other summer school holiday classes and workshops in Fremantle. Download the official school holiday program here.