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Fremantle vintage shopping trail

Fremantle has the highest number of vintage, retro and ‘op’ shops per square metre! You’ll find the stalwart in a cluster around High Street East & Josephson Streets.

In recent years a wave of curated and specialist vintage & retro stores have opened across the city. Current hot spots are in places flagged for redevelopment in the next couple of years including Woolstores Shopping Centre and the space now occupied by MANY 2.0. Right now there is an abundance of shops across Fremantle.

Find inspiration from local fashion bloggers and stylists to start your vintage expedition #vintagefreo #vintageoutfit #truevintage #vintageinteriors

Sourcing classic individual or one off pieces made from quality materials without the need for too much rummaging has made the curated vintage store big business.

There’s a huge production behind the scenes sourcing stock for these shops; from hours digging through op shops right through to importing stock from Japan, Korea and the US. You’ll pay a premium but the sifting and digging has been done for you by someone with an experienced eye.

Celebrities, fashionistas, bloggers and social media are also fuelling vintage style with vintage clothing now influencing fashion trends. Dedicated vintage shoppers are on the lookout for that special find to complete an outfit.

Under 25’s are loving the 90’s casual vibe while the over 35’s are looking for authentic pieces from the 50’s and 60’s.

There’s also a market for restyling and re working vintage finds to appeal to a modern market–right now the hottest trend is in denim. Think appliqued jackets, overalls, aprons and denim cut-offs. Find inspiration from local fashion bloggers and stylists to start your vintage expedition #vintagefreo #vintageoutfit #truevintage #vintageinteriors

Celebrities, fashionistas, bloggers and social media are also fuelling vintage style with vintage clothing now influencing fashion trends.

The Explore Fremantle vintage shopping trail takes you on a self-guided walking tour of the city to find all things vintage, retro and one of a kind; from fashion and accessories, books and vinyl, right through to interiors. We recommend allowing a whole day and planning for a few coffee + cake pit stops along the way.

Happy hunting and don’t forget to share your posts on social @Fremantlestory.

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Kate Hulett, MANY project manager and owner of Kate & Abel|Fit out in progress at MANY 2.0|MANY 000 - Elaine Bradley Ceramist|MANY 2.0 - Vintage Space|MANY 2.0 - Anya Brock's space

Move over MANY 6160, Make way for MANY 2.0

The dynamic retail collective housed in the old Myer building has a new home. From March 2017, the eclectic pop-up with a difference is bringing new life to the old Spotlight building on Adelaide Street.

When it first opened in October 2013, nobody quite knew how long MANY 6160 (then known as MYRE) would inhabit the building vacated by the department store. Six months? Nine? More than three years later, the temporary concept store (a mix of retail and makers workspaces) is still busy incubating independent businesses. It’s part of an emerging trend in retail that shuns the bland, soulless shopping centre vibe in favour of a fresher, more experimental approach.

“MANY has been a huge, important and interesting project,” says project manager Kate Hulett of its first incarnation in Kings Square. She names the unusual nature of the building and the cooperation and flexibility of its owner Sirona and the City of Fremantle as contributing factors to its success. “Where else would you find 20,000 square metres of space to do something like this? And where else would this work but in Fremantle?”

MANY 6160 has housed an evolving line-up of retailers selling hats, artwork, vintage clothing, retro furniture, artisan lamps, jewellery and footwear. Its rooftop has seen two new bars, a couple of motorbike shows and at least one wedding. Its basement has witnessed everything from mini golf to an acclaimed art gallery to performances by Falls Festival DJs. Upstairs, furniture makers, costume designers, upholsterers, surfboard makers, metal workers and artists have toiled away on their own projects, in the company of like-minded folk.

It’s one of the hallmarks of MANY, says Kate. Unlike other small businesses where people work alone, the retailers and makers here can talk, connect and sometimes collaborate as a result of the communal space. As well as nurturing a vibrant community, MANY is a way for people to test their businesses without taking on prohibitive leases.

For customers, the benefits lie in the variety, the original wares and the accessibility. People can wander between shops, read books or enjoy the café without feeling pressured to buy. Kate sees it as a space where mums, grandparents, hipsters and teenagers can feel equally at ease.

Vacating the premises for the Kings Square redevelopment (the space will become mixed use office and retail) has brought a new opportunity: to reenergise another dead space with a new-look pop-up.

Overseen once again by Spacemarket, the Adelaide Street space has a similar vibe but a different look. Retail stores laid out on the diagonal, for example. The café (opening soon) will front both the retail floor and the outside lane near Westgate Mall. It’s hoped that regular events will take shape here.

The makers have embarked on a diaspora of their own. Some have moved to studios at the old Fremantle Police Station (cleverly renamed MANY 000), while others plumped for a warehouse at North Fremantle’s Matilda Bay Brewing. Others still are headed for East Perth.

In Adelaide Street, MANY’s retail philosophy holds. MANY 2.0 prides itself on being an outlet for hard-to-find, often handmade items that are unique to Western Australia, in a space that feels interesting and creative.

“It would be hard to manufacture the feel of MANY in a cold, new building,” says Kate, who has relished revitalising the derelict Spotlight store–which will be demolished within the next two years for new apartments–into MANY’s next temporary space.

“There’s no sadness in the closure of the old place. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to refresh.”

MANY 2.0 opens it's doors for business Thursday 16 March. Shout out to the project partners Yolk Property, Spacemarket & the City of Fremantle for unlocking another underutilised building and bringing it back to life. An official opening with all the bells and whistles is planned for Saturday 8 April. 

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Ottoman Empire, image Rachael Barrett|New Edition Bookshop|The Record Finder|Tahnee Kelland (MANY6160)|When Kara Met Rex (MANY6160)


Are you one of those super organised folk that has their Christmas presents wrapped up and tucked away before the frenzy hits....or are you leaving it to the last minute? Fremantle (and surrounding mini strips) is full of inspiration for gifts you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else, if you know where to look...and we do.

We’ve written a special blog to help you (re) discover the joy (seriously) of a shopping adventure that is unashamedly Freo centric–the inside goss on where to find that special something whether it be for Great Aunt Mabel or your best beloved. At the same time you’re supporting local shop owners that have curated and sourced gift ideas to entice and inspire. It’s all right here in this gorgeous town.

North Fremantle

Antique stores, surf wear and SUP shops, homewares & collectibles; it’s an eclectic mix along Queen Victoria Street and up Stirling Highway. Try Blu Peter, Electability, The Black Truffle and Plata Bonita just a bit further past the Dingo Flour Mill (word on the grapevine is some of the Dockers have picked up a few pressies here).

 Blu Peter and The Black Truffle - North Fremantle

Knutsford Street Precinct

In the warehouse district bounded by Stack, Wood, Knutsford and Amherst Streets; where treasures from world sojourns ready to be discovered. Look for Ottoman Empire and Shedwallah or find locally grown and made wares for your home or garden at the new Stackwood studio.

Hilton and O’Connor

There’s a couple of Freo’s best kept secrets just out of the CBD. Plan a visit to Anna Chandler Design on Zeta Crescent–the warehouse is full of her signature ranges of homewares, a riotous celebration of colour and texture. Pickers and Collectors Bazaar has just opened on Blamey Place and Hobby Tech Toys on South Street has the best range of remote controlled cars, planes and drones for little and big kids.

Wray Avenue Precinct

After ordering your Christmas turkey at Frank’s have a little mosey around this precinct at the intersection of South Terrace and Wray Avenue. Between Pekho wear + wares, Luce Del Sol (for stunning swimwear), Indi + Em, South of the Border and Mercer Cycles you can expect to cross off a gift for most on your list and you might pick up a nice Chrissie frock at the same time.

South Fremantle

Corner Store (and Flower Hound) reside in the space known as The Coop on the corner of South Terrace and Price Street–it’s a Christmas shopping destination in itself. Venture further for Source Gallery, Vanilla Gifts and Homewares, Banjarra Tribal and Ginger Morris. At the end of the terrace pop into South Beach Cycles for the classic sparkling new bicycle with all the trimmings and a final pit stop coffee at Third Wheel right next door.

East End

FAC’s Christmas Bazaar on the first weekend in December is the event to catch in this end of town where WA’s local designers, makers and artisan’s present their wares in the gorgeous grounds of Fremantle Arts Centre. Don’t stress if you happen to miss this shopping event as there’s a great range of gifts and books available every day at Found.

Central city

There is plenty to uncover in the heart of Freo. We’ve put together some favs from some of the shopping categories...a mini directory if you like but there’s plenty more here.

Books–New Editions, Bill Campbell Second Hand Books, Chart & Map Shop & Paper Bird

Fashion and shoes–Hype DC, Bob’s, Hunter Store (MANY6160), Eros, Morrison, Three Stories

Gifts–Remedy, Oxfam, Blue Bhudda, Pigeonhole, Compendium & Pickled Fairy

Homewares and furniture–Il Cibo, Home Provedore, Empire & Amaize Homewares

Jewellery & accessories–Kartique, Kailis Pearls, Creations Jewellery & Fremantle Opals

Markets–Fremantle Markets, Kings Market & Bazaar

Menswear–Warrens, Terrace Men, Bousfields & Europa Sport & City Beach

Music–Record Finder, Mill’s Records, Junction Records & Music Centre of Fremantle

Popups & collectives–MANY6160, Common Ground & Artisan

Vintage & retro–Bibi Vintage, Broken Doll Vintage & Retro, Get Lucky

And best yet...between them all you can sit and enjoy a restorative cup of something served up with a scrumptious treat at one of Freo’s quirky cafés–just to keep you going that is.

**We hear that free parking Santa will be in town again in December–if you see him he’ll pay for your parking**


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Fremantle Fashion Collective Campaign (Wild Horses) at the Round House Fremantle|Megan Salmon signature store, Queen Victoria Street Fremantle|PS Art Space, Pakenham Street Fremantle|Eros Clothing, Market Street Fremantle|Harper's Emporium, George Street East Fremantle

Fremantle Fashion Collective

This spring, Fremantle Festival will celebrate everything fashion, culture and the arts with a slew of curated events that run for 10 days, featuring a range of high quality and thought provoking ticketed and free to the public events, including my favourite – the annual sell out Fremantle Fashion Collective on 4th November. This year The Fremantle Fashion Collective will once again present its runway show to the local community, the media and industry at large at the local creative hub, PS Art Space (pictured below: otherwise known as Pakenham Street Art Space), showcasing 7 Fremantle based fashion designers including:…
Style Voyeur
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