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20 Hour Yin Yoga Teachers Training at Spanda School

Join us at Spanda School as we explore the often forgotten side of our yoga practice. This training is a fun and interactive way to explore Yin. The course is delivered by Danielle Mercer, a registered YACEP and upon completion of the training, 20 Continuing Education (CE) Credits will be issued in accordance with Yoga Alliance.  Whether you’ve been teaching Yin for years, are someone that’s never practiced Yin a day in their life, or you are looking to explore what’s really going on internally when we practice, then this training is for you! This training is also open to non-instructors looking to deepen their practice.  Stay connected by visiting the events section of our website.  Take advantage of the early bird discount of only $630 before 20 December!  

2017 YOGA Summer School

Why not treat yourself to the best beginning for the New Year? Five days of blissful yoga practice, health, meditation, music and philosophy at our Summer School.  Immerse yourself in the ancient healing practices of yoga. Why not take two or three classes a day and make a real retreat for yourself at our unique Ashram Yoga Centre which has been serving the community since 1976. If you’re coming to Summer School and want to live-in at the Ashram from Sunday 8th  to Saturday 14th January -- $250 full board and up to 2 hours Karma Yoga a day which is primarily for our meal preparation, book in now.

AcroYoga Perth

AcroYoga combines acrobatic concepts with a yogic consciousness. Acro Yoga Perth brings people together, feeling the connection of energies. Develop the physical body and at the same time strengthen the emotional and spiritual bodies. Stretch, balance, trust, laugh, love. Awaken and balance your energies and share together. Feel your heart open and fill with goodness as you laugh, stretch, twist, balance, fly, nurture, embrace. We will also combine some wonderful Thai Yoga massage techniques in the class to stretch, nourish and nurture which is something that Jo brings as a separate offering to the classes and workshops, this is an added component to AcroYoga Montreal style.

Beacon Yoga Centre Sivananda Asham

As well as Yoga Classes on from Monday to Saturday we have a wide range of interesting events including  meditations, spiritual classes, DVD nights, yoga days and much more. We offer accommodation - retreats or overnight, and our Yoga Hall is available for Hire See our website for all of the details    

Beginner Yoga Course

One class a week for six consecutive weeks. This course focuses on introducing the foundations of your yoga practice in a safe and nurturing environment. Suitable for all levels of ability and body types. To secure your place for $99, please visit our website.

Beginners Yoga Course

Coming soon in 2017! Yoga is far more than stretching, breathing and relaxing. Yoga is a complete system of human evolution – learn everything you need to know about the tradition and how it can transform your life from its foundations.

Free Meditation

Meditation guidance and practice are at the core of an awakening community.Beginners are welcome to join the free meditation sessions. We recommend the mindfulness or beginners course to further benefit from these sessions. Free Meditation Sessions Friday and Saturday at 8am || Wednesday at 9am  || Check Timetable  Fridays– (All welcome) Lani uses various breath and concentration practices to prepare for meditation, then drops into a 20-30 minute sit. Saturdays- (Beginner friendly) Michael uses mindfulness techniques and sounds throughout the practice to aid students in addressing blockages to meditation. Wednesday mornings (Longer sits) Ava drops the class into a long sit, using awareness-based guidance throughout the session. Meditation Courses Either you’re ready to explore meditation or it is time to take your practice to the next level. A skilfully guided meditation course may be exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Advanced and Beginner meditation courses taught by Ava take students on a journey of learning about and deepening their meditation practice. Meditation Retreats Meditation retreats give an opportunity to students to let go of mundane responsibility and revel in the profound and nurturing atmosphere of the heart. Check out the 4 day silent retreat as well as 1 day retreats, which run every month. “Hridaya meditation is simple. Yet, where most techniques aim at mastering the mind, for us this is just the beginning. Every week we explore the deepest aspect of our being, the spiritual heart. The beauty of this meditation is that its perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners – Ava

Hatha Flow

Hatha Flow- More dynamic, power postures, building the yang energy of concentration, strength, determination, willpower, activity. Every Hatha class is tailored to suit the needs of the group. On a physical level, the muscles, joints, and organs are targeted. Ava uses traditional yoga asanas, to heal, strengthen and energise the body in a truly magical way. However the class goes far beyond the physical body, incorporating the original and powerful intentions of the yoga practice. A meditation with movement, the chakras are discussed and energized, as well as a connection to the witness consciousness, or the ‘seer’ is addressed. Ava draws on her training in Hridaya Yoga: the yoga of the Spiritual heart for an inspiring and invigorating yoga practice. New student offer: $25 for one week unlimited class pass- Come try us out! Casual yoga classes: $15/class

Kombucha Meditation

Join us for an awesome evening of consciousness, health and Kommunity.✩ Over 3 hours we will pass through yoga, meditation and a Kombucha drinking ceremony as a way of deepening our connection to presence and positive intention. Infusing each of these phases with purpose and love, we then take our heightened awareness and love into an amazing 3 course meal.✩ Tea ceremonies are a space of blending the mundane with the infinite, and this Kommunity sharing will be no different.The consciously crafted beverage – Kommunity Brew – will feature in this months very special dinner, yoga and meditation event: A full Kombucha Ceremony.✩ You will be gentle guided to experience this special blend of consciousness, community and love-infused Kombucha.(Vegan, gluten free, local and organically sourced, love prepared food)❤ Limited spaces. Bookings required.❤ Cost: $75Click ticket link or visit:

Mala Yoga

Mala Yoga is a boutique Yoga studio located on Wray Avenue, Fremantle.  At Mala we believe Yoga is for everyone and love assisting students of all levels to experience the happiness that Yoga offers to us all! Through the regular, consistent practice of Yoga, including movement, postures, meditation, breathing exercises and relaxation, Yoga assists in cultivating improved health and wellbeing on the physical, emotional and mental aspects of our life. It is our sincere desire to assist students to reconnect with their bodies, find peace and relaxation, enjoy the experience of Yoga and life and share this joy with the people they encounter on their journey.

Pilates Matwork

PilateswithUs invites you to join us for weekly pilates matwork sessions at Fremantle PCYC, 34 Paget st, Hilton. Mixed level pilates matwork sessions running PCYC Hilton. Friday 5.30- 6.30pm and Sat 8.30-9 30. These classes are small to provide individual guidance. Beginners welcomme! We utilise small apparatus to build core strength and flexibility and keep classes interesting. Please bring a towel, mat, water and a happy face!

Remedial Pilates for health and wellbeing

As a fully qualified and experienced Pilates instructor with a passion for spinal health and structural kinesiology my goal is to inspire people to reach optimal body health and performance.  The classes are gentle and inspire our mind and body to create an environment of healing and wellbeing. Classes are suitable for all ages and beginners are welcome! For all current class locations and times please visit my website RSVP essential ! Please contact me on 0416 469 071 or  

Spanda Yoga School

Y O G A  *  M E D I T A T I O N  *  R E T R E A T S  *  S H O P  *  C A F E  Community Yoga and Meditation School above Blinco Street cafe and part of a lush urban artist warehouse. Everyone is welcome, just check out the timetable and free community events. All classes are beginner friendly; however there are classes that cater to advanced practitioners as well. Looking forward to seeing you!

Tamara Yoga Fremantle

Need a lunctime pick-me-up? Skip the coffee and head down to the new Tamara Yoga studio for an express lunchtime class instead- no booking required. Or if you have some more time on your hands why not book in and try one of the many other fantastic classes on offer. All levels welcome. 

The Raw Kitchen - Yoga & Fitness Studio

Our large, open studio is located on the first floor within The Raw Kitchen. Our classes offer a variety of styles and practices for all levels ranging from Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Akhanda through to Beignner's Yoga and Pilates. Mats and accessories are provided and bookings aren't necessary - you're welcome to just show up. We offer casual class rates or a mix of package options including 10, 20 and monthly pricing.    

Yoga at Leighton

Boost your wellbeing and self-care by the sea!  Join us at one of our favourite WA beaches, Leighton Beach, as we celebrate the start of summer and our incredible coastline with a beautiful yoga series during February, completely FREE!  Get a taste of the Leighton lifestyle while spending time relaxing and celebrating YOU.  The class will be conducted by the incredible Ava Irani from Spanda School, who will be taking you through a sequence that is suitable for yogis of all levels (including beginners). It includes a harmonising of energies to allow you to experience all the balance, gratitude and joy to take you into the rest of your week.  THE DETAILS:  Bring the yoga essentials - a yoga mat, water bottle, towel and positive attitude  Head to the grass area at Leighton Beach prior to the 5.30pm start time to get your name ticked off  Once your name has been ticked you will begin your warm up, tune into you and begin your session.  We can’t wait to share this slice of paradise with you. See you then for stretching, serenity and sunsets!

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