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Catch Music Fremantle

Catch Music Fremantle is a weekly gathering of musicians (any skill level) who share a love and passion for music! Meeting for a 1.5 hours weekly during school terms, it is an opportunity for you to create and play music with other like minded individuals and meet new people!

The Gaslight Club

Fly By Night presents Freo’s newest Blues Club ‘for people with open minds’- The Gaslight Club! Named in honour of one of the most important venues in Perth in the 60s! Each and every Wednesday will be a new line up of blues artists, and when we say blues it includes African, Fado, Rembetika, Soul, Funk, Jazz etc... this will not be a club for purists! In an intimate and unique setting at the new Fly By Night Musicians Club in the Fly Trap, under the main stage at Victoria Hall. Check the website or Facebook for more details.

Heroes, villains and the 'celebrity' of crime: a free talk by Dr Leigh Straw

What do notorious Australian criminals Ned Kelly, Kate Leigh and Mark 'Chopper' Read all have in common? They are criminal ‘celebrities’. In this lively paper, crime historian and writer, Leigh Straw, will show how criminals make history by engaging the public imagination. Due to the popularity of Notre Dame’s festival talks, this year’s weekday program will be available to both morning and evening audiences.

Behind The Scenes: Fremantle Prison Collection

Fremantle Prison holds a diverse collection of approximately 12,000 objects which span the operational life of the Prison from 1855 through to 1991. Join our Assistant Curator as she takes you behind the scenes into the curatorial work spaces of the Prison’s museum collection, discussing how cultural objects are cared for at Perth’s only World Heritage site. After undergoing cleaning and registration, the objects are stored in one of three on-site storage facilities, including the publically visible storage facility which will be visited during this exclusive behind the scenes tour. Registration for this event is essential as numbers are limited.

Fremantle Prison Conservation Walk

How do you make a heritage building last forever? Historically significant buildings like Fremantle Prison need constant protection to ensure their heritage values survive for future generations. Conservation activity includes maintenance, preservation, restoration, reconstruction, adaptation and interpretation. But how are decisions made about which practice is the most appropriate? Join Fremantle Prison's Heritage Conservation Manager, Luke Donegan, on a walk through the Prison as he discusses the varying conservation practices used by the Prison. Registration for this event is essential as numbers are limited. 

GMG Gillian Moorman Group

GMG is a sophisticated mix of jazz, blues and soul.  Taking jazz standards and pop classics from Billie Holiday to Steely Dan and adding a contemporary and original flavour.  Joining Gillian Moorman on vocals, Alex Borthwick (guitar), Manoli Vouyoucalos (bass) and Pete Evans (drums) are all exceptionally talented regulars on the Perth music scene and bring together an exciting mix of jazz, funk and blues influences taking you on a journey from a New York speakeasy to an an intimate jazz club in New Orleans.  Watch an authentic musical connection happen when these four people play the music they love together.

Live Music Thursdays at Creatures Next Door

Join us at Creatures NextDoor every Thursday from 6pm for live music!  Wrap up the day (or kick off the evening) with some eclectic sounds,  a meal or nibbles, one of our own craft beers or a wine.    Located just around the corner from the brewery, Creatures NextDoor is a cosy, relaxed lounge with a little bit of spunk. It boasts some serious views of the Fishing Boat Harbour – a perfect location for sunsets. Our menu is a sharing style menu and is accompanied by Little Creatures beers, ciders and a great selection of Australian wines. Love your music?  We also host live Jazz every Sunday from 4:30-7:30. All the makings for a great Sunday in Freo. 

Vintage Adventure Travel Series

Four nights of exotic vintage travel documentaries capturing the spirit of discovery and adventure. These films are a glympses into a world that has faded into history, the people, the places and ways of life from far flung parts of the globe to our own shores long before the age of the jet set. Guranteed to stir your inner traveler.

Vintage Adventure Travel Series - Ella Maillart: Double Journey

Between 1939 and 1945, Ella Maillart travelled East from Geneva, driving across Eastern Europe, the Middle East and India. Made up of the words from her travel diary (read by Irène Jacob), black and white photos and colour images that she shot on her trip, the film questions a taste for the exotic and the search for oneself. A moving work that is truly modern.

Fremantle West End: a methodological approach to conservation and adaptive reuse

“Imbued with a message from the past, the historic monuments of generations of people remain to the present day as living witnesses to their age-old traditions. [...] The common responsibility to safeguard them for future generations is recognized. It is our duty to hand them on in the full richness of their authenticity”. (Venice Charter, IInd International Congress of Architects and Technician of Historic Monument, Venice, 1964.) On 18 November 2016 the Minister for Heritage has entered Fremantle’s West End in the Heritage State Register. In 2016 the UWA Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Art dedicated an Architectural Design Master studio to the rehabilitation of the Fremantle West End heritage precinct. The students were required to conduct a research on a heritage building of their interest, identify historic and aesthetic values, survey and document through drawings the preservation status and needs, define compatible uses and finally develop the adaptive reuse project. This research initiated a novel collaboration between the UWA and the Fremantle Council, whose output will be presented at the exhibition: “Fremantle West End: a methodologic approach to conservation and adaptive reuse”. This exhibition collects free hand, digital drawings and models of twenty students who designed sensitive and successful architectural projects for the West End heritage precinct in respect of the principles of the Burra Charter and the City policies. (Studio Coordinator: Nicoletta Pizzuti ; Unit Coordinator: Rene Van Meeuwen)

Bush Jewellery

Explore your creative spirit with support from a Nyoongar artist to create your own piece of bush jewellery. These classes are designed to carefully craft a fine piece of jewellery out of bush nuts and or seeds. You may bring in your own treasures from the bush or use bush nuts already collected. You will learn how to carefully select the bush material then drill, decorate and prepare the nuts for use on jewellery.  All skill levels are encouraged. All welcome and all materials provided.


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