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Fremantle Story Magazine | Summer 2016/17 Edition

It’s been ages coming but summer is HERE! We've got you covered (literally) with our fab and quirky collection of thongs, hats and togs from Fremantle’s gorgeous shops. Next stop is the beach but before you head out read up on what’s special about each of our beaches–they’re all quite different and there’s one or two you may not know about. We've highlighted a couple of those ‘off grid’ places that only the locals know about, the warehouse district of Knutsford Street Precinct and North of North Fremantle. Keep us posted with your summer fun and #Fremantlestory. You might end up in our captures section! The Fremantle story team The…

Kurun Warun

Kurun Warun's paintings of culture and environment use colours inspired by natural resources and cultural body markings.  Kurun Warun continues the great Aboriginal tradition of telling stories of the people and their environment, how they lived in their country and managed its resources. Kurun Warun refers to his work as “living culture – our story”. His use of colour reflects the primary resources of the people – red, black and white are used to convey cultural body markings and structures found in nature.

Nature and Art Hub for kids and their grown ups

Nature play is here to stay! Moore and Moore café, Moores Building Contemperary Art Gallery  Paper Bird Childrens Books and Art, Inkling Art Space and Nature Play WA have joined forces to create a beautiful hidden courtyard right in the heart of Freo.   A dream for people with little ones!  Here’s a hub where you can enjoy a coffee, fabulous food, art, the best children’s books, fantastic kids art classes and a gorgeous nature play area. You can relax with friends and your kids can be themselves: climbing, digging, swinging and creating.  

Sculpture at Bathers 2017 Exhibition

Sculpture at Bathers is back!  In its biggest testament to home grown WA talent, the biennial exhibition returns to Bathers Beach, Fremantle from 25 February - 12 March 2017. For two weeks, over 80 of our state's most talented sculptors will come together in this unique coastal setting, Our vision is to engage the whole community, to deliver a significant and distinctively West Australian contemporary sculpture survey and an accessible and unforgettable cultural event. Large-scale, robust outdoor works will line the limestone cliffs, along Bathers Beach, stand in the open courtyard, timber boardwalks and winding paths. Inside the historic galleries of Kidogo Arthouse smaller…

Sculpture at Bathers: Kidogo Arthouse Exhibition

Smaller works will be on display inside Kidogo Arthouse. There will be something for everyone in this celebration of West Australian culture and boutique village destination - guided artist tours, children's activities, the return of the popular 'Kelp Bar', vibrant social events and much more. Tags: #sculptureatbathers  #followtheshimmer #distinctivelyWA #bathersbeach  

Sculpture at Bathers: The Esplanade Hotel Fremantle by Rydges Satellite Annexe Exhibition

More of guest sculptor Cameron Robbins works will be on display inside the foyer of the Esplanade Hotel Fremantle by Rydges (our first principal corporate sponsor) who will host our inaugural satellite exhibition featuring works by 19 sculptors. Tags: #sculptureatbathers  #followtheshimmer #distinctivelyWA #bathersbeach  

Tanami Desert Artists Yuendumu Nyirripi

Tanami Desert artists of Yuendumu & Nyirripi tell the great Warlpiri stories of Jukurrpa Dreaming sites. Warlpiri artists from Yuendumu in the Tanami Desert were amongst the first community groups to take up the desert art movement that spread from Papunya.The stories of the Warlpiri Jukurrpa traditions have remained strong and artists of the community have continued to paint and record the traditions of their ancestors. Artists from the smaller outlying community of Nyirripi have joined with Yuendumu artists and from 2010 they have brought a new and fresh layer of storytelling to the great Warlpiri stories that they share…

Travellers and Traders in the Indian Ocean World

Merchants and sailors have crossed the Indian Ocean for thousands of years and 70% of the world’s goods continue to do so today. This vast expanse of water was the world’s first highway and has been the centre of world economy for millenia, but how well do we know it? This exhibition takes you on your own journey across the Indian Ocean to discover its rich history through ancient objects and stories about its traders, explorers and the many different peoples who inhabit its shores.

Act Belong Commit Can You See My Mind Art Exhibition

Mixed-media artist Megan Henry and photographer Melanie English asked participants to describe their experience of mental illness using visual descriptions. Using these anonymous questionnaires the artists attempt to capture the emotion and experience of the individual with the all important aim to destroy the stigma surrounding mental health and create important conversation.


In a world full of movement the space between two points is constantly being traversed. SPAN brings together five WA artists whose work reaches out – transitioning across margins which are personal and global, political and geographical – between self and others, artist and viewer. Comprising work from Susanna Castleden, Olga Cironis, Tanya Lee, Clyde McGill and Andrew Sunley Smith, SPAN traverses the connection and disconnection of boundaries while mapping the passage of the journey. A life-size print of a cruise ship gangway, a series of sculptured industrial engine parts, human hair woven on a loom, neighbours grooming each other…

Reform The History of Reformative Measures

Prisons serve four main functions in society. They punish offenders, protect the community from criminals, act as a disincentive to people considering crime and provide prisoners the opportunity to reform before their release back into the community. The exhibition Reform: A History of Reformative Measures at Fremantle Prison explores what strategies were employed at Fremantle Prison to control and change prisoner behaviour. While Fremantle Prison was at times a place of harsh punishment, it also provided prisoners with the opportunity to acquire new skills and reform. The exhibition explores the practice of religion, education, work and training at Fremantle Prison through its…

More Bang for Your Buck

Daily at 1.00pm we fire the cannon and lower the time ball on the Gun Deck at the Fremantle Round House.   Visitors are welcome to be our Honorary Gunner of the day and we accept advance bookings via the Round House web site to avoid disappointment - so come and celebrate an anniversary, a birthday, a school visit or 'just because' and receive an Honorary Gunner Certificate as well. The Round House is open from 10.30am to 3.30pm daily except for Christmas Day and Good Friday so come in for a visit either before or after the 1.00pm cannon firing.      

Ball & Chain Happy Hour

Enjoy the widest range of Matilda Bay Craft beer on tap for only $7 or a wide range of spirits or a fine glass of wine at Fremantle's newest old pub, Ball & Chain for only AUD$5 per glass every Monday - Friday 5-6pm. 

Happy Hour Fremantle

The best hotel bars for happy hour in Fremantle (Western Australia) Whether it's the amount of work we need to do, conflicting priorities, or just too many... stepping into a bar that offers HAPPY HOUR EVERYDAY, 5-6pm, is just what you need to relax after a long day trying to multitask.  The choice is yours! Esplanade Hotel Fremantle by Rydges introduces happy hour with a variety of drinks on special at Marine Lounge Bar and Ball & Chain to cater for whatever mood you're in.  Marine Lounge Bar Happy Hour Fremantle Selected wines & draught beers $4; standard spirits $5; cocktail of the week $10.  If you're into jazz music and prefer to hide…

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