Liv in style - Styling your apartment workshop

Join interior stylist Anna Flanders and a selection of home interior experts, for an inspiring session on how to dress your Liv apartments space using the latest trends and styles at affordable prices. You will have the opportunity to purchase items, receive discounts, tips and techniques when you move into your new apartment at Liv.

Fremantle Prison Art Tour

Join one of our experienced Guides for this exclusive tour showcasing convict and prisoner artwork, including Aboriginal and European Landscapes, Dot Paintings, Graffiti and Tattoo Art. Participants aged 18+ will receive a complimentary copy of 'Art Behind Bars: Murals and Graffiti of Fremantle Prison' inclusive of ticket price. *Due to the majority of the artwork being located upstairs this tour is not suitable for wheelchairs Warning: Please note some artwork on this tour contains graphic images and text which could be offensive to some people. This tour is not recommended for people who are offended easily or for younger children.

Sense & Spontaneity

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Austen plus impro equals a great time out! Join Austenphiles Esther Longhurst and Jessica Messenger on a joyful, 'Certified Boyfriend Friendly' romp through Sense and Spontaneity - the novelist's seventh and previously undiscovered novel... Completely unscripted and improvised, no two shows are alike! Come fall in love with this charming all-ages adventure full of bonnets, balls, romance and ridiculousness. You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll bring your mum! She'll thank you. "A warm hug of an improvised show" - Stage Whispers SOLD OUT - FRINGE WORLD 2016 & 2017, FREMANTLE FESTIVAL 2014, and FREMANTLE…

The Ghosts of Fremantle

Join Fremantle experimental music/arts collective Genrefonix for a fictional multimedia show featuring original horror music and soundscapes performed live alongside compelling imagery of Fremantle's architecture and its ghosts. See some of WA's most haunted buildings as photographed or filmed by Freo's residents and artists, brought to life through haunting tunes, eerie sound effects and imaginitive ghost portraits created for the show. Each ghost has a story, each building a unique ambience. Share in the history and creativity of Fremantle. Spooky fun! Witness if you dare! Reserve your free tickets now. Contributions to this show (photography, video, ghost actors, ghost portraits…


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Kim Churchill

Globetrotting troubador Kim Churchill returns two WA with new single Breakneck Speed, the first taste of his forthcoming album to be released later this year. This will also be the first gig to be held in the freshly-restored Fremantle Town Hall. Written in Quebec during an emotional ‘up’ for Kim, it’s a fitting taste of a newly refreshed, energised Churchill, whose previous single Window To The Sky (from the album Silence/Win) hit #42 on Triple J’s Hottest 100 of 2014.  Breakneck Speed is available digitally this Friday April 14 and to coincide with the release, Churchill will be embarking on…

Vintage Adventure Travel Series - Pillock Conquers The World

A folk group buy an old bus as the ultimate ‘band van’. They load up their instruments and drive it to India, around Australia and then across the USA. This spectacular film comes from the pre-Shoreditch era when the fuzzy beard had but two legitimate homes: on either a lumberjack or a folk musician. Our story concerns the latter. Realising that Cliff Richard’s Summer Holiday was essentially, beyond lame, this group of Hampshire daredevils pushed the envelope on what was possible in a vehicle that on the day they left, already had over 700,000 miles on the clock. Their DIY…

Drawing Workshops with Ross Potter

Ross Potter will be hosting FREE drawing workshops from the heritage listed J Shed on Sunday June 4th. 9-10.30 Children's Workshop 11-12.30 Teens/Adults Workshop. Join Ross Potter in his studio to view his artworks featuring the structural heritage of the Fremantle area and soak in the atmosphere of J Shed, once part of the Port and relocated to Bathers Beach in the 1960s, while you learn about the techniques and materials that Ross uses to capture the character of his subjects. Use the techniques you learn to create your own drawing of an aspect of the J Shed.   Places…

Gwyneth Ewens Art Award Exhibition

Gwenyth Ewens made a bequest to the City of Fremantle to promote art and architecture in the children of Fremantle. The bequest supports an annual competition for students in years 5 & 6 attending local primary schools. Students submit a painting or pencil sketch, depicting part or whole of an historic building in the Fremantle area. The resulting exhibition showcases the students' work. Prizes will be presented on Sunday 4 June at a launch ceremony from 2.00 - 3:30 pm.  Artwork will be displayed until Sunday 11 June.


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Here From the Beginning- A Tour of Old Fremantle's Jewish Past

Fremantle's Jewish connection goes right back to the beginning of the Swan Colony. Join us for a tour of the historic West End and hear some surprising stories of pioneers and pirates from the port's colourful past.  While the people are gone, the buildings remain as a constant reminder of the contribution they made to community life in Fremantle and beyond.

Butting Heads: History and Archaeology in Western Australia, a free talk by Dr Shane Burke

History and archaeology both contribute valuable knowledge to our understanding of human occupation in Western Australia. However, given the different methodological and theoretical standings of the two disciplines, sometimes their stories about the past are different.   Notre Dame’s popular archaeologist, Shane Burke, will reveal the fault lines between the two disciplines most responsible for making history, and share stories from the front line of our past.

Sunday at Guildhall

North Fremantle's beautiful heritage wedding venue, Guildhall, will host an afternoon of Jazz and old school cocktails, named with a nod to the literary legends that once graced the old town library shelves.

Vintage Adventure Travel Series - Grass: A Nation's Battle for Life

A classic adventure by the makers of King Kong. In 1924, neophyte filmmakers Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack hooked up with journalist and sometime spy Marguerite Harrison and set off to film an adventure. They found excitement, danger and unparalleled drama in the migration of the Bakhtiari tribe of Persia (now Iran). Twice a year, more than 50,000 people and half a million animals surmounted seemingly impossible obstacles to take their herds to pasture. The filmmakers captured unforgettable images of courage and determination as the Bakhtiari braved the raging and icy waters of the half-mile-wide Karun River. Cooper and…

WA Day Festival

It's all about the family this WA Day! Join us at the Esplanade Reserve, where there'll be plenty of activities to choose from for the whole family including interactive art activities, entertainment, workshops and food trucks. WA Day is a focal point for all Western Australians to recognise and celebrate our commonality and diversity with people from all over the world who have made, and continue to make, Western Australia their home. For more details visit 

Pipe Organ Plus - Ramble

Ramble around Fremantle on the Monday Queen’s Birthday weekend, visiting four historic churches for a series of concerts featuring splendid music. Home to five very fine and contrasting pipe organs, drop in to visit one, two, three or four of a series of concerts throughout the day, designed to show off each the instruments with splendid music for soprano, violin, cello and organ.

Speaker Box - 90's house party

Speaker Box is our student party held on the first Wednesday of every month, slowly working back to the year 1990. May 3 - 1994 Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what your going to get but with Speaker Box Year 1994 you can guarantee it’s a good time! We were all Little Rascals selling pickles for dickles. Ace of Base finally opened their eyes and saw the sign, Simba became a mighty king 🦁and Salt n Pepa found oh what a mighty good man‍♂️ Before we Run Forrest Run back to 93′ lets celebrate the year…

Beginners Meditation Class

Do you want to unplug and switch off from a relentless mind or agitated thinking?Do you suffer from sleep or anxiety issues?Are you missing a connection with yourSelf and the simplicity of life? Meditation is an incredible practice, and at Spanda School we take it seriously. In this beginners class we always explain what you are doing and what the benefits are. And honestly, we are experts. We love meditation and because we know how it works, it fits effortlessly into our day. This is not simply a relaxation class but a session to change your lifestyle. Come check it out!…

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