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Tim Rogers

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Date & time

1st of December 2017 at 8:00pm



179 High Street
Fremantle WA 6160
  • Cappuccino Strip


Following the LP release of 'An Actor Repairs’, a pile of 'You Am I' touring, and the release of his first book ‘Detours’ to critical acclaim;

Tim Rogers will wrap it all up, drop it in this bundle and play a series of solo shows in November and December to cap the year off.

‘The year was set aside to do a thesis on (Canadian maestros') Rush and their divisive 'keyboard' era and learn how to tie my own shoelaces, but I got waylaid by a love of reading and the ever- shifting notion of 'cocktail hour' and wound up writing a book.

What a bloody nerve.
What a cheek.
What an editor….

If this is to be my reaction to writing and recording an LP I’m exceptionally proud and feeling it disappear into the ether then God and Satan save us all. ’An Actor Repairs’ was an LP made with love and not a lot else despite a reliance on enthusiasm and the ability to stretch a budget under a charlatan’s smoke- cloud of enthusiasm.

After taking ‘What Rhymes With Cars And Girls’ to some regions over the next months, I’m going to go out and play songs about repairing actors and unfixable humans.

Because that is what we do. Us repairing humans. In human form, Rogers repairs forthwith and foreheaded’. Tim Rogers

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