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Term 4 at Inkling Art Space

Come and join us for fun and creative activities at Inkling Art Space in Henry St, Fremantle, behind Paper Bird bookshop. We have lots of different workshops for you to explore your artistic passions, your drive to make things and to get really messy while doing it! NATURE CLUB Art + Nature = Amazing Art Adventures Join Teori - Wildlife & Nature Specialist, and Brigid - Teaching Artist & Textile Specialist for learning and making inspired by our natural world. Each class starts with exploratory drawing and scientific investigation. Every week we use a new medium to explore our topic.…

Term Classes

Ever wanted to run away and join the Circus? Do you fancy learning to walk a tight rope, climb a silk, circus acrobatics or maybe just to brush up on your already acquired Circus skills? Come on down to CircusWA and join in one of our fabulous term classes. Term 1 runs from Monday 5 February through until Saturday 14 April 2018.

Nyoongar Art Class | Medicine Leaves

Join Nyoongar Whadjuk artist Kerry King for an in-depth artistic analysis of the medicine leaf style in Aboriginal artwork. In this class we will focus of various different styles of painting medicine leaves, including discussing the unique techniques used by multiple famed Aboriginal artists Australia wide who have produced intricate and ethereal versions of the iconic style. We will pause half way through the class for morning tea of Kangaroo which native sauces All supplies are included and any artwork produced is strictly for your own personal enjoyment and may not be reproduced or sold for financial gain. Saturdays 10am…


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Nyoongar Weaving Workshop March

Lea Taylor is an award winning Nyoongar weaver and artist from the Wadandi/Minang nations of South West Western Australia. Lea was taught basic basket weaving by noted Aboriginal artist Sharyn Egan, and now works full-time as an artist and weaver, working with Aboriginal youth in schools and youth groups, along with running workshops in art centres and independently throughout W.A. In Lea’s workshops she uses a variety of natural materials, including natural raffia, hand dyed raffia, which she dyes herself using both natural and commercial dyes, natural string (Jute), paper raffia hay and foraged bush materials. All basic materials are…


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Watercolour Popsicles

Always wanted to try watercolour but not sure where to start? The simple shapes and blended colours of icy-poles and popsicles make them the perfect subject matter for a gorgeous watercolour work! In this three-hour workshop, artist, illustrator and surfer Hannah Katarski (aka Mermaid's Coin) will teach you the fundamentals of using watercolours and how to apply them in a quirky, illustrative style. In this fun and relaxed class, you will learn how to mix and layer watercolours to create an effective Pop Art inspired painting. Translating the colours and textures of sweet summer treats, you will also experiment with wet-in- wet…

Modern Calligraphy Basics Workshop

Have you been seeing lovely calligraphy works everywhere and wondering how to use a pointed pen to do that? If you're looking to learn a new skill that will allow you to create pretty personalised gift tags and written cards for all the people you love, this is it!  In this 3 hour Modern Calligraphy Basics workshop, Sophia will guide you through the basics of calligraphy - how to assemble your pen and hold it the right way, the basic strokes and letter and word formations, as well as nib care and more. You will also first learn the rules of…

New Pilates Term in March

Monday 10 – 10.50 am starting 12th of March 2018    Suitable for all ages and beginners are welcome!  Cost $ 18/$ 16 per casual visit or $ 85/$ 75  for a 5 session pass. Children 6-14 can join their parents for free. To book your place please contact Christiane 0416 469 071 /  


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Art Kids Term 1

Term Dates 2018 – new classes commence on 21 February! Time – 3.40pm to 4.30pm, Wednesdays Location – Sullivan Hall, White Gum Valley Course Content – Our classes are perfect for students who love making art. In term 1 we will be engaging in a series of projects including life drawing, creative collage, mandalas, printmaking, small cities, photography, painting, sculpture, paper mache, origami and lots more. Suitable for ages 6 to 11 years with two teachers for every class. At the end of each term, students will have a great folio of artwork to take home. Cost – 8-week course $160, casual bookings are available…

Didgeridoo Workshop Fremantle Classes for Boys

Hey Didgeridudes! While everyone else at school is learning to play guitar, violin, clarinet or the drums, why not try something a bit different? The didgeridoo is ancient, loud and just for boys. Young Aboriginal man Dakota brings with him different types of didgeridoos for you to play and while you're hanging out, he also shares some special cultural knowledge with you that are just for the fellas. Get involved in Aboriginal culture, hang out with Nyoongar role models and make a whole heap of racket with us every Thursday from 5pm - 5.45pm For boys aged 5 to 15 Book…


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Didgeridoo Workshops Fremantle Classes for Men

Kaya fellas, After a successful program of Didgeridoo classes for boys, Nyoongar man Dakota is offering workshops for men aged 15 and up in Fremantle. Dakota supplies various Didgeridoo’s, which all produce a unique and distinct sound. This workshop is an opportunity to learn an ancient Indigenous instrument and yarn with men in the community. Classes are loose in structure, focusing on breathing techniques, different sounds and generall jamming either inside or outisde at the Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre. All didgeridoos are supplied Thursdays from 6.00pm - 6.45pm Ages 15+ #WACC Book at Celebrating Nyoongar culture in Fremantle 


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Have a Yarn

Sometimes getting together with some likeminded crafters is just what you need! Join us on the first Wednesday of each month and "Have a Yarn". Bring your own crochet project and enjoy the company, refreshments and banter in our beautiful seaside location. If you are stuck on something, Cass and Maddy (aka Coral and Cactus, our resident crochet experts) will be there to help you get unstuck.  This is a not for profit, community-based class. We are aiming to get together a gaggle of regulars for a giggle. The aim is to build an inclusive crafting group and participate in…

Beanies for Winter

Winter is coming! The weather boffins say it's going to be a cold one too! The science boffins say that 70% of your body heat is lost through your head. That being said, here is your opportunity to prepare for chilly times ahead ("a head" ?!) and learn to crochet a gorgeous hand made beanie and pom pom with our favourite crochet babes Coral and Cactus. The design is simple and once you learn, you will be able to keep warming heads and hearts until Spring kicks in! Depending on your level of crochet experience, you may not completely finish…

Woven Wall Hanging for Beginners

Come and learn the skills to create a beautiful hand- woven wall- hanging for your home with Danielle Stewart of Midnight Weave Co. Have fun playing with colour and texture while enjoying the creative and mindful process of weaving! In this 4 hour beginner's weaving workshop, you will learn how to warp a frame loom, various simple weaving stitches and helpful tips to create your piece, plus how to finish off and hang your woven wall hanging.Danielle teaches this workshop using her own designed weaving loom and tools, and supplies a gorgeous array of high quality yarns and roving to…

Make an Embroidered Necklace

Wear your art on your sleeve! Or failing that, why not wear it around your neck? Embroidery is no longer your nanna’s domain. In this three hour workshop, you will learn the basics of embroidery and how to apply it to fabrics to make your own wearable piece of art. Your nan would be proud! In this class, you will learn the basics of decorative embroidery, including how to set up your fabric, hoop and floss. You will also learn and practice common embroidery stitches before applying your skills to a fabric of your choice. By the end of the…

Flash Fiction Workshop

Flash, or micro-fiction, is a fast-paced genre for a fast-paced world. With a recent boom in online and print journal publications dedicated to spreading the (limited) word, now is the time get your dribble and drabble on. In this three hour workshop, Michael Buckingham Gray, a published flash fiction writer will speed you through a history of the genre, explain some of the structures and techniques used and assist participants to write and workshop their own pieces. As you approach the finish line, you will be supplied with some useful information about where you may publish them. About the teacher:  Michael…

Autumn Holiday Programs

Do you  fancy learning how to juggle, walk a tight rope, climb a silk or swing on a trapeze?  Now is your time to experience CircusWA. We have a fantastic flexible holiday program especially designed for 5-12yr olds. Choose single or multiple sessions. Come all day long or just for a session. Anything is possible at the circus! We are also running an evening program of Adult (15+) Conditioning classes. 

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Workshops and classes

Whether you’re looking to pick up a new skill or feed your creative soul there are always workshops, classes and events happening in Fremantle. Take an evening class at Fremantle Arts Centre or check out the Kidogo Arthouse program. Discover something new and fun to do in Fremantle.