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The Raw Kitchen presents,

Getting Into Shape and Goal Setting for 2017

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Date & time

26th of March 2017 at 2:30pm



The Raw Kitchen 
181A High St  
WA 6160
  • Central City


Learn how to lose weight or maintain your optimal weight the healthy way using a diet of wholefoods, superfoods, herbs and natural medicines with Aurora Gilbert (World Body Building Fitness Model's gold medalist) and Heath Daly (Naturopathic Food as Medicine specialist and owner of The Raw Kitchen).

"Calories in, calories out, is an old abandoned concept as it has failed as a theory. We now know that it is hormones that control weight balance and that eating in line with the food pyramid is leading to the obesity epidemic." Heath Daly

The foods we are encouraged to eat are causing hormonal imbalances making it impossible to lose weight.

Be inspired to make 2017 your year of fitness, focus and health. Throughout the afternoon you will:

Learn directly from a world champion fitness model as she shares how she used plant foods and superfoods to win gold at the world titles

Learn how to make 3 easy and delicious recipes (demonstrated by Aurora with tastings of each dish for all participants)

Learn about the latest scientific breakthroughs on how to use natural foods, herbs and lifestyle hacks to switch on fat burning genes

Receive a complimentary workbook with meal plans on arrival, written exclusively for this workshop by Heath and Aurora

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