The Raw Kitchen presents,

Intro to Plantbased Eating

Date & time

20th of January 2018 at 12:30pm
until the 30th of January at 3:00pm

Additional dates

  • 17th Feb 2018 12:30pm
    until 3:00pm



181A High St  
WA 6160
  • Central City


Plant-based eating has been in the spotlight recently and the secret is out that it needn't be boring, difficult, 'dangerous' or unpalatable - rather, it can be some of the most delicious, satisfying and nutritionally dense food you've ever eaten!

Come and join the owner of The Raw Kitchen and long-term naturopath, Heath Daly, alongside owner of Holistic Health Nut, Aurora Gilbert, as they cover this comprehensive introduction to all things plant-based! They'll delve into the very best foundational knowledge of plant-based eating, answer common questions and concerns, and showcase five hand-picked plant-based recipes that demonstrate a breadth of the nutritional areas of focus, which of course are delicious too!

"There is no 'one perfect diet' for everyone. Health is dynamic and our nutritional requirements change constantly. The key is to start working it out for yourself; you can do this by starting with a diet dominated by whole, plant-based foods. We can get most, if not all of our nutritients from a plant-based diet, once we know how. My job is to show you how to get the very most out of plant-based eating." Heath

The recipes are easy, super tasty and designed to meet all of our key nutritional requirements, whilst giving you the basic tools and skills to develop on from.

We'll be covering, teaching (and tasting!):

  • The key nutritional fundamentals in approaching a plant-centric diet
  • The most important ingredients and how to use them
  • The benefits and the pitfalls to avoid
  • Best plant-based protein sources and delicious ways to use quinoa in a variety of dishes
  • Nut milks and dairy replacements
  • A Persian inspired spiced cauliflower recipe
  • How to utilise seaweeds and medicinal mushrooms, with a nutrient dense dulse and shitake broth recipe as an example
  • The power of smoothies featuring 'the most nutrient dense smoothie' of all time
  • You'll have the opportunity to taste every recipe demonstrated, ask all the questions you can think of, and take home a copy of all recipes in a printed booklet.

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