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Aboriginal Culture and Food for Older Kids

This event has passed.

Date & time

19th of January 2018 at 1:00pm
until 3:00pm



12 Captains Lane  
WA 6160
  • West End


Come along to hear about Nyoongar connection to country, along with the Nyoongar six seasons, and the foods available according to each season. This workshop will help young adults develop an understanding of totems and the roles of women, men and children as well as respecting country and culture. Traditional artefacts will be shown, and all information is tailored to educate older children on responsibility, history and culture. Then have a go at using traditional herbs and spices to create a tasting board of ancient Aboriginal flavours

Guests should bring with them a drink, as well as sunscreen.

Food is provided. Please advise staff if your child has any allergies.

Classes run from 1pm till 3pm

For older children aged 8-14. Boys and Girls welcome


Book at more information, call (08) 9432 9999 or email

Celebrating Nyoongar culture in Fremantle

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    • Youth
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