Researching Your Family History Online

Join local history expert Pam Harris and learn how to uncover your family’s history and place their lives and stories into the context of their time. Find out about available online tools that can assist your research, and how your Fremantle City Library can help you access and use these platforms.

Journalists and the ‘first draft’ of history: free talk by Dr Mignon Shardlow

“Burke said there were Three Estates in Parliament; but, in the Reporters’ Gallery yonder, there sat a Fourth Estate more important far than they all.”  Journalists often write the first draft of history and today they are the antidote to the post-truth world, fake news and Trump’s war on media.In this enlightening talk, Notre Dame’s head of Journalism, Mignon Shardlow, will reveal how journalists make history, just as they report it.  Due to the popularity of Notre Dame’s festival talks, this year’s weekday program will be available to both morning and evening audiences.


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Fremantle's Secret Submarine Base - Floor Talk

During World War II Fremantle became an important international submarine base, hosting more than170 Allied submarines.  Some of the submarines were Dutch and British, but the majority were American. Due to the secrecy surrounding its operation, its existence was little known at the time.   Join a floor talk presented by WA Museum Volunteers to find out more. The floor talk includes an opportunity to view fascinating photographs of the Allied submarines in Fremantle.   For more information call 1300 134 081 or email reception@museum.wa.gov.au 


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Fremantle Town Hall External Conservation - the inside story

Listen to an account of the recent conservation works to the Fremantle Town Hall – the history of the building, the challenges of conservation and construction, the unexpected discoveries, the traditional trades and materials and the future of this iconic Fremantle building.

Australia, Trump and the American alliance: a free talk by Dr Daniel Baldino

Since 1951, the ANZUS alliance has been the holy grail of Australian security and defence policy. Our relationship with America has been real and durable. We have, historically, relied on its promise that ANZUS will guarantee Australia’s security in a changing world. Yet many questions remain about American alliance.  On whose terms is it based, and under what conditions will it hold?  Daniel Baldino, Notre Dame’s security and strategy expert, will consider how the American alliance has shaped Australia’s past and—under the Trump presidency—guess how it will shape our future. Due to the popularity of Notre Dame’s festival talks, this…


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Let's meet the neighbours

Let’s meet the neighbours is a podcast series sharing stories from our neighbourhood. In this collection of interviews we hear the stories of South Fremantle.  Podcasts will be released from Friday 26 May via iTunes and SoundCloud The series concludes with an intimate event where you can meet the neighbours in person over drinks and nibbles. Booking essential limited seats available.

Heroes, villains and the 'celebrity' of crime: a free talk by Dr Leigh Straw

What do notorious Australian criminals Ned Kelly, Kate Leigh and Mark 'Chopper' Read all have in common? They are criminal ‘celebrities’. In this lively paper, crime historian and writer, Leigh Straw, will show how criminals make history by engaging the public imagination. Due to the popularity of Notre Dame’s festival talks, this year’s weekday program will be available to both morning and evening audiences.

Behind The Scenes: Fremantle Prison Collection

Fremantle Prison holds a diverse collection of approximately 12,000 objects which span the operational life of the Prison from 1855 through to 1991. Join our Assistant Curator as she takes you behind the scenes into the curatorial work spaces of the Prison’s museum collection, discussing how cultural objects are cared for at Perth’s only World Heritage site. After undergoing cleaning and registration, the objects are stored in one of three on-site storage facilities, including the publically visible storage facility which will be visited during this exclusive behind the scenes tour. Registration for this event is essential as numbers are limited.

Fremantle Prison Conservation Walk

How do you make a heritage building last forever? Historically significant buildings like Fremantle Prison need constant protection to ensure their heritage values survive for future generations. Conservation activity includes maintenance, preservation, restoration, reconstruction, adaptation and interpretation. But how are decisions made about which practice is the most appropriate? Join Fremantle Prison's Heritage Conservation Manager, Luke Donegan, on a walk through the Prison as he discusses the varying conservation practices used by the Prison. Registration for this event is essential as numbers are limited. 

Vintage Adventure Travel Series

Four nights of exotic vintage travel documentaries capturing the spirit of discovery and adventure. These films are a glympses into a world that has faded into history, the people, the places and ways of life from far flung parts of the globe to our own shores long before the age of the jet set. Guranteed to stir your inner traveler.

Vintage Adventure Travel Series - Ella Maillart: Double Journey

Between 1939 and 1945, Ella Maillart travelled East from Geneva, driving across Eastern Europe, the Middle East and India. Made up of the words from her travel diary (read by Irène Jacob), black and white photos and colour images that she shot on her trip, the film questions a taste for the exotic and the search for oneself. A moving work that is truly modern.

Fremantle West End: a methodological approach to conservation and adaptive reuse

“Imbued with a message from the past, the historic monuments of generations of people remain to the present day as living witnesses to their age-old traditions. [...] The common responsibility to safeguard them for future generations is recognized. It is our duty to hand them on in the full richness of their authenticity”. (Venice Charter, IInd International Congress of Architects and Technician of Historic Monument, Venice, 1964.) On 18 November 2016 the Minister for Heritage has entered Fremantle’s West End in the Heritage State Register. In 2016 the UWA Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Art dedicated an Architectural Design…

It's Time (and Time Again): Elections that made history, a free talk by Assoc Prof Martin Drum

When Gough Whitlam persuaded Australians in 1972 that it was time for a change, he ushered in the modern age of political campaigning. Labor strategist, Bruce Hawker, has since suggested that the Whitlam campaign “became the gold mark for future successful elections. Perhaps it was the high water mark, too.”  There is little doubt that Australian history has been shaped by powerful and dramatic electoral moments.  This is a fantastic opportunity to hear Martin Drum, Notre Dame’s well-known political analyst, explore those elections that made history.

A little historical tour… of the Little Creatures Brewery

It started with a group of mates with a love of beer and a former crocodile farm. From these humble beginnings on the water’s edge in Fremantle came an awesome, hop-driven American Pale Ale with distinctive aroma and delicious flavour…and the start of the Little Creatures journey. From there you probably all think you know the story…. but do you? Join us for an in depth, historical tour through the Little Creatures brewery. Learn our story, about our site and our brewing process and the history of craft brewing in WA and Australia.     Finish off with a guided tasting of…


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Fisherman Style #132

Fisherman Style #132: 11th Birthday Bashment is a family friendly event happening in the empty block across the road from Mojo’s Bar. This reggae dancehall community event will celebrate the 11th anniversary of the longest running reggae night in the Southern hemisphere, Fisherman Style – regularly held at North Freo Icon of multiculture - Mojo’s Bar! Bringing you the vibes will be Earthlink Sound, Crucial Rockers featuring Grace Barbe and more special guests, as well as pop-up food stalls serving up the best in Jamaican-style street food. The event will start at 6pm and will run until 10pm. Entry is…

Beer thru the Ages… a beer quiz through time

Beer is one of the oldest beverages humans have produced, dating back to at least the fifth millennium BC. Today, the brewing industry is a global business producing almost 2 billion hectoliters a year and the craft beer industry in one of the fasting growing and exciting industries worldwide. How did we go from caveman drinking fermented gruel 7,000 years ago to the beer bellied hipsters of today... still drinking fermented gruel? Learn all about the history of this timeless nectar at the Little Creature’s Beer thru the Ages… a beer quiz through time.  Test your knowledge, win some prizes,…


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