Butting Heads: History and Archaeology in Western Australia, a free talk by Dr Shane Burke

History and archaeology both contribute valuable knowledge to our understanding of human occupation in Western Australia. However, given the different methodological and theoretical standings of the two disciplines, sometimes their stories about the past are different.   Notre Dame’s popular archaeologist, Shane Burke, will reveal the fault lines between the two disciplines most responsible for making history, and share stories from the front line of our past.

Sunday at Guildhall

North Fremantle's beautiful heritage wedding venue, Guildhall, will host an afternoon of Jazz and old school cocktails, named with a nod to the literary legends that once graced the old town library shelves.

Vintage Adventure Travel Series - Grass: A Nation's Battle for Life

A classic adventure by the makers of King Kong. In 1924, neophyte filmmakers Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack hooked up with journalist and sometime spy Marguerite Harrison and set off to film an adventure. They found excitement, danger and unparalleled drama in the migration of the Bakhtiari tribe of Persia (now Iran). Twice a year, more than 50,000 people and half a million animals surmounted seemingly impossible obstacles to take their herds to pasture. The filmmakers captured unforgettable images of courage and determination as the Bakhtiari braved the raging and icy waters of the half-mile-wide Karun River. Cooper and…

WA Day Festival

It's all about the family this WA Day! Join us at the Esplanade Reserve, where there'll be plenty of activities to choose from for the whole family including interactive art activities, entertainment, workshops and food trucks. WA Day is a focal point for all Western Australians to recognise and celebrate our commonality and diversity with people from all over the world who have made, and continue to make, Western Australia their home. For more details visit www.waday.com. 

Pipe Organ Plus - Ramble

Ramble around Fremantle on the Monday Queen’s Birthday weekend, visiting four historic churches for a series of concerts featuring splendid music. Home to five very fine and contrasting pipe organs, drop in to visit one, two, three or four of a series of concerts throughout the day, designed to show off each the instruments with splendid music for soprano, violin, cello and organ.

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