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Fremantle Heritage Festival 2018 presents,

SKIN SIN: An Exhibition of Australian Tattoo History From the Unseen Collection of Ricky Luder

Date & time

26th of May 2018 at 5:00pm

Additional dates

  • 27th May 2018 9:00am
    until 4th June 5:00pm

  • 28th May 2018 9:00am
    until 5th June 5:00pm

  • 29th May 2018 9:00am
    until 6th June 5:00pm

  • 30th May 2018 9:00am
    until 7th June 5:00pm

  • 31st May 2018 9:00am
    until 8th June 5:00pm

  • 1st Jun 2018 9:00am
    until 9th June 5:00pm

  • 2nd Jun 2018 9:00am
    until 10th June 5:00pm

  • 3rd Jun 2018 9:00am
    until 11th June 5:00pm

  • 4th Jun 2018 9:00am
    until 12th June 5:00pm


Fremantle Prison Gallery
Fremantle Prison
The Terrace
WA 6160
  • Central City


Skin Sin tells the history of tattooing skin in Fremantle, from convict times through to the 1980s. This history includes the illicit work done by prisoners of Fremantle Prison, such as well-known local tattoo artist Bobby Thornton. The exhibition is also a personal reflection on the art and cultural practice of tattooing by tattoo artist Ricky Luder.

Skin Sin showcases unseen works from Ricky Luder’s private collection spanning almost 50 years of collecting. These include a rare suite of 1960s Australian tattoo flash from Cindy Ray, a piece of tattooed human skin, photographs and newspaper articles spanning the Australian tattoo history from the 1930s to the 1980s. Also on display are tattoo apparatus made and used at Fremantle Prison and photographs from the Fremantle Prison collection.


Join Five Star Tattoo shop and owner Ricky Luder and the Arts Hustler as they open a show of unseen works from Ricky’s private collection, spanning almost 50 years. There will be a rare suite of 1960’s Australian flash from Cindy Ray on display. The exhibition will also include photographs spanning Australian tattoo history from the 1930s to the 1980s, old tattoo machines made in prisons in WA, a piece of tattooed human skin, old flash sheets, historic tattoo objects and old newspaper articles that trace the history of tattooing in Fremantle from convicts, to scrimshaw, to the Vietnam war.

Small groups will also be able to see Bobby Thornton’s cell and explore the connection between the Fremantle Prison and the oldest commercial art form in WA. 

Enter the raffle (drawn at 5.15pm) to choose one of these iconic Australian designs to be tattooed onto the Arts Hustler’s body – LIVE on opening night!


  • Free!
    • Youth
    • Family
    • Adult

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Open 7 days