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Wu Tao Dance Beginners Course

Wu Tao - the dancing way to balance and flow. Work with the elements and meridians in this restorative sequence of dances for harmony and joy. It’s easy to forget what’s really important to us in the midst of a busy life. We all need ways to help us maintain emotional balance, peace of mind AND a healthy body. Wu Tao is a powerful yet gentle way to achieve this. A unique dance as therapy modality, grounded in the proven system of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wu Tao is an easy and joyful way to bring yourself back to centre. This…

Swing Dance Lessons Every Thursday

Come learn the vintage 1930’s swing dance, the lindy hop, every Thursday in Fremantle! Our classes focus on the authentic Lindy Hop style of the 1930s delivered in a fun and friendly environment. We’ve taught people who have never danced before through to professional dancers of other styles so we understand that everyone learns at a different rate. Beginners run from 7pm to 8pm!

Adult Learn to Sail Courses

Keelboat Crewing or Dinghy Sailing Courses Available. No experience necessary. All welcome. Fantastic fun on the water - great opportunity to meet new people in a healthy recreational environment.


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Tiny Discovery

Join us as we use different art materials to explore our world. In the process of making art we build confidence, learn about ourselves and our world and explore art concepts. These classes are designed for a child and an adult to explore art together.​Zoom! Flying Animals. Sat November 4thBoom! Stormy Weather. Sat November 11thTunnel! Animals Underground. Sat November 18thGreen! Trees & Leaves. Sat November 25thHot! Volcanoes & Lava. Sat December 2ndSplash! Swimming Animals. Sat December 9th60 MINUTE CLASS | 6 WEEK COURSE |​SAT @9AM | $100 TERM PASS OR $20 PER CLASS IMPORTANT INFORMATION Ticket price includes art supplies…

Art Magic Junior Art Class

Jump aboard the Hogwarts Express and join us for a truly magical art class. Inspired by the wizarding world we will be creating wands, potions and magical books. Each week we will be build our drawing skills, with objects from the Cabinet of Curiosities. Then we will turn our attention to one of the specialist subjects – painting, sculpting and making incredible art. Flourish & Blotts. Saturday November 4thCare Of Magical Creatures. Saturday November 11thCharms. Saturday November 18thDefence Against The Dark Arts. Saturday November 25thHerbology. Saturday December 2ndPotions. Saturday December 9th CLASS INFORMATION 6 week course starts November 4th90 minute…

Nuline Dance Beginners | New Term

NULINE DANCE embraces a wide range of music genres and dance styles - Latin, Celtic, Pop, Jazz, Waltz, Country and more!  At Nuline, we dance in lines, everyone has a place on the floor, there are no partners, and we learn choreographed routines. We all do the same steps, but there is room for individual flair!


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Drawing Machine

Art + Science + Engineering = Drawing Machines! Join Sam – Teaching & Painting Specialist , and Brigid - Teaching Artist & TextileSpecialist for art making inspired by motion and machines.Explore drawing in all sorts of mediums – charcoal, ink, paint and more. Build tiny robotsand see what they draw. Attach paint brushes and pencils to your fingers, toes and to treesto see what marks we can create. Make Rube Goldberg machines and see what effectgravity has on ink and charcoal. Human Machines. Saturday November 4thElastic Machines. Saturday November 11thPlant Machines. Saturday November 18thGravity Machines. Saturday November 25thGear Machines. Saturday…

Art Lab

A weekly art & science mashup! Join Jane – Teaching Artist & Sculpture Specialist, and Holly- Teaching Artist & ScienceSpecialist as we explore scientific principles and create incredible drawings, paintings andsculptures. This term we will be experimenting with:
Light. Saturday November 4thLiquids. Saturday November 11thForces. Saturday November 18thElectricity. Saturday November 25thMagnetism. Saturday December 2ndBotanics. Saturday December 9th60 MINUTE CLASS | 6 WEEK COURSE |​SAT @ 3.30PM | $100 TERM PASS OR $20 PER CLASS  IMPORTANT INFORMATION This class is messy, please wear comfy, old clothes or bring an art shirt.Everyone is welcome. Please let us know if you have any…

Yoga South Beach

What is it? Beautiful, simple and restorative morning classes run by Ava & Nadine on the grassy part of South Beach Freo (100m north of the South Beach Cafe). Soak in the sunshine, the fresh air and the energy of Fremantle at its best. When? Starting the first Monday of November (Nov 6th). 7-8am Classes are run by donation ($10- $20 recommended) What do I need? Please bring a mat, and a scarf/sarong to cover your eyes for the end relaxation or incase its chilly. If it is raining heavily at 645am the class will be cancelled. Give us a call or…

Explore Yoga Course

One class a week for six consecutive weeks. You may have heard of a variety of Yoga styles and wondered, what is best for me?  Now that you’ve completed Begin Yoga, it’s time to explore and experience some different styles of Yoga, such as Hatha, Yin and Flow, to widen your exposure to what is available.  Each week will explore a different style of Yoga, suitable for those new to the practice.  Each of these styles offers unique benefits, this course will leave you well equipped to develop your personal practice and help you to determine what style will suit your…

Watercolour and Wine A Merry Mekel Christmas

Start the season in style with Christmas-lover, renowned commercial illustrator and artist Mekel. In this class, you will work across different types and qualities of paper to create swing tags, gift cards and paper tree baubles with which to start decking your halls! Enjoy sipping on some Stella Bella wine as Mekel teaches you how to use watercolour ink and markers to create beautiful effects in a loose, flowing style.  About the Teacher: Mekel is a commercial beauty and fashion illustrator, represented by the Jacky Winter Group. Known for her fashionable illustrations including work for Elle, Twinings, Revlon and TOPSHOP, you…

Fremantle Centre for Creative Photography Launch Wknd

Celebrating Photography in Fremantle: 7 Speakers, 4 Workshops, 2 Days of Photographic Inspiration! Come and join the Fremantle Centre for Creative Photography (FCCP) at a weekend that's packed full of photographic inspiration, education and participation! !t's a great way to get inspired in time for the holidays and develop your photographic skills and knowledge at the same time! Joining us on this weekend are Team Digital, Perth Pro Lab and Ilford, who will have a professional print lab on site, giving you the opportunity to work with them to prepare and print your selected images. The FCCP Launch will be officially opened…

Free Public Speaking Workshop

We are running a FREE public speaking workshop at our centre in Fremantle for 15-30 year olds. Working with Paula Smith – Speaker CSP, Author, Master Trainer, Business Consultant, and mother of an adult son on the spectrum, we are offering the opportunity for individuals with autism to develop public speaking skills in a supportive, relaxed environment. Our public speaking program provides a unique chance for participants to build confidence and learn from a public speaking expert. The workshop will touch on the following topics: Structuring a presentation Keeping those nerves where they belong Believing in your message Storytelling Embracing your own presenting style Getting your intended message across Presenting with purpose When: 9.30am – 12.00pm, 2 December 2017 Who: Individuals 15 years to adult with ASD Where: Autism West, Ground Floor, Corner of Alma Street and South Terrace, Fremantle Price: The Public Speaking Workshop is FREE to attend, Refreshments provided! Register now: Call 08 9431 2111 or email

Granny Squares are the New Black

Crochet begins with the Granny Square! You know the one, you’ve seen it in the pile of colourful blankets on your granny’s couch, or in the cheerful blanket that always hung over the back of your grandad’s favourite chair. But a granny square isn’t just a blanket. A basic crochet Granny Square can become anything you want! A cosy blanket? Sure. A bright cushion? Why not? A snuggly jumper? Now we’re talking! The end product is only limited by your imagination. In this three hour workshop, you will be provided with all the tools needed to create your first (of…

Make Your Own Woven Wall Hanging with Sunday Weaves

Create a beautiful woven wall hanging for your home on a simple handloom. Learn about the weaving process and various simple techniques. Define your colour palette, incorporating natural and recycled fibres into your design. This class is suitable for those with no experience weaving, to those with an intermediate level understanding who want to expand their knowledge. Each participant will take home their own wooden handloom. Bring:All tools, materials and morning tea will be provided. Date and Time:Saturday 4th November 10:00am - 2:00pm+ Saturday 2nd December 10:00am - 2:00pm The Experience:An enriching day of learning, making and conversation at Fremantle’s newest creative venue, Stackwood.…


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Workshops and classes

If you’re looking for creative or active things to do in Fremantle then taking part in a workshop or class is the perfect activity. Our listings include free yoga classes and raw food workshops to night classes at the Fremantle Arts Centre. Discover something new and fun to do in Fremantle.