Self Kindness Project 4 Week Course

Date & time

19th of October 2017 at 6:30pm
until 8:00pm

Additional dates

  • 26th Oct 2017 6:30pm
    until 8:00pm

  • 2nd Nov 2017 6:30pm
    until 8:00pm

  • 9th Nov 2017 6:30pm
    until 8:00pm

  • 16th Nov 2017 6:30pm
    until 8:00pm



35 Harvest Rd  
North Fremantle     
WA 6159
  • North Fremantle


Begins Thursday 19th October 2017. 

Learn to be kinder to yourself. Less Self-critical. To look after yourself more gracefully so that you can bring this behaviour to our society. 

Practical action you can take to positively make a difference. $200.


The objectives of the course are: 

1. Learning to be kind to yourself when you mess up

2. Learning to manage your energy through the day so you aren't as fatigued and emotionally strung out

3. Learning how to catch self-critical and self-defeating thoughts before they gather too much momentum

4. Understanding how self-kindness is the foundation for cultivating a kind society and how to connect in with others with the same commitment


Each session is in the evening for 90 minutes once per week and will support you to create a sustainable shift in your personal bar for self-kindness.


Session 1: 

* Understanding how self-criticism, shame and self-defeatism are a natural (not so healthy) expression of the Stress Defense System turned inward

* Looking at your individual emotional profile and how this is affecting your energy and your propensity towards specific types of critical self-talk

* Learn a simple and powerful 30 second technique to bring balance to your energy through the day and become more aware of your inner dialogue 


Session 2:

* Review of your week implementing your first technique

* Looking at the physiology of negative emotions and how to bring yourself out of the internal stress-defence state and towards self-kindness

* The next stage in bringing simple further rituals into your day to encourage a more long term positive inner environment


Session 3: 

* Review and refining your new healthy rituals

* We will do two powerful meditations together (which will be like a delicious and powerful spa for your mind and emotions) that focus on building emotional resilience long term as well as giving you an essential go-to process when you start down a shame spiral

* You will receive 2 music recording to work with through the week


Session 4: 

* Full review

* Deep immersion self-compassion meditation 

* Successfully moving forward…how to kindly and effectively sustain new habits 

* BONUS: The four pillars - the basis for living a healthy life


Cost: $200 for the full four weeks, including 4 x 90 minute group sessions, all hand-outs and the recordings. 

AND, if you enrol a friend with you, we will gift you with a book from the HeartMath Institute's Transforming Stress range valued at $25 (Transforming Stress, Transforming Anxiety or Transforming Depression).

  • $200
    • Adult
    • Air-conditioning
    • Parking
    • Toilets
    • EFTPOS