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Remap Your Mind The Narrative Approach 1 Day Workshop

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Date & time

All day on the 16th of May 2017



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  • Fremantle


One-Day Practical Workshop mapping your stories and ways to create a new map of the mind to take home and use for yourself.

In the Lakota worldview, our identity arises from a swarm of stories that surround our bodies, which is called The Nagi. This swarm consists of all the stories that have influenced us, are told by us, and are told by others about us. A part of every teller of every story lives in that swarm. Some stories are told more other than others, and, the more often a story is told, the stronger it becomes.

This is exactly what happens in our nervous system. The more often a circuit or a connection between neurons (synapse) is used, the stronger it becomes and the faster information moves across it. Stories are templates for behaviour. We perform stories as actions in the world.

We have a repertoire of characters from all the stories living in our Nagi. We bring out these characters as needed to perform the roles required of us. To the extent that our character and our stories about how that character should behave match the requirements of our actual worldly situation, we are successful in negotiating our social landscape. To the extent they do not match, we experience friction in our self-world interface.

In this workshop, we have a number of exercises to facilitate participants’ finding the stories in their Nagipi, the characters who told those stories, and the stories and characters that are strongest and most ready at hand to use.

Content of the Day
We show how to make a map of all the stories and their tellers. Then we discuss some ways in which we change or re-map our minds by strengthening characters, adding characters and stories, and forming coalitions among voices. We show how to make a new map of the mind through exercises that people can take home and use.

Dialogical & Narrative Approach to Psychotherapy

This worldview is similar to what is called the Dialogical Self in European writing, championed by people like Mikhail Bakhtin and Hubert-Hermans. In our approach to psychotherapy, we make maps of our stories and their tellers to help us understand the dialogue occuring within our minds.

Meet the Facilitators

Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona and Barbara Mainguy are authors of the recently released book, Remapping Your Mind, which is the subject of this workshop. They’ve developed a dialogical and narrative approach to psychotherapy, which they have humorously called indigious-inspired, body orientated, narrative and social psychotherapy.

Lewis trained at Stanford and Barbara at Concordia University. Lewis is also a Family Medicine Faculty at the Eastern Maine Medical Centre Family Medicine Residency and Associate Professor of Family Medicine at the University of New England in Maine, USA.

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