Ripple Retreats

Date & time

9th of April 2017 at 8:00am
until 9:00am

Additional dates

  • 13th May 2017 8:00am
    until 4:45pm

  • 18th Jun 2017 8:00am

  • 8th Jul 2017 8:00am
    until 5:00pm

  • 4th Mar 2017 8:00am
    until 5:00pm



4 Preston Point Road 
East Fremantle 
  • East Fremantle


Ripple Retreats are held over one day in a beautiful, serene venue in East Fremantle. Retreat activities include:

  • Yoga Asana 
  • Meditation 
  • Whole food lunch, morning and afternoon tea and fresh juices
  • breathing workshops
  • Free time to relax and 'Just Be'

Our goal is to help nourish your body with yoga, whole foods and fresh juices and balance your mind and heart with breathing, deep relaxation practices, meditation and more!

If a day spa equates to a buff & polish of your car, then the experience of a Ripple Retreat is like a 'full service & detail', helping you feel radiant inside and out.

Whether you seek that elusive 'pause button' that will allow you to stop, reflect and reclaim your balance, or a nourishing day to help your inner spark burn a little brighter, we welcome you to join us for a day of growth, healing and inspiration.

Love Love Love - best day ever.  Ryoka and Debbie are the most beautiful souls that guide you through a magical day of learning and relaxation in a little oasis. Namaste MF

Thanks Debbie and Ryoka, we had a wonderful day and learnt so much. The relaxation classes and nutritional talk was particularly interesting to us and we have just invested a small fortune at the green grocers for our juices. Best wishes H & D 

Beautiful day, beautiful surroundings, beautiful food, beautiful co -supporter/presenter/sharing coordinators and the most beautiful sleep i have had in ages Thank you Thank you. I am coming again and bringing my Mum or Sister​

  • Early bird $267
    • Youth
    • Family
    • Adult
  • Website or phone 0438 069 862
    • Air-conditioning
    • Internet facilities / Wifi
    • Parking
    • Toilets
    • Cash
    • EFTPOS