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Fremantle's first tiny park has arrived!

This temporary pop-up mobile garden is a great urban intervention, designed to work with local cafes and let people claim back their streets as public spaces.

Be sure to stay tuned on this page for where our tiny park is in Freo. The Tiny Park was designed and constructed by local Freo company We Are Tiny​.​​​


The Tiny Park is moveable public seating and garden (better known as a parklet) and the City of Fremantle first used it as part of the Fremantle Festival.

The parklet concept was originally conceived in the streets of San Francisco and has quickly become a great way to provide pop-up spaces for people to gather, mingle or simple watch people passing by. The only twist to this innovative parklet is that it is on wheels all built on a trailer.

One of the objectives of the Tiny Park is to work in collaboration with local cafes, move it around Freo and place it on a temporary basis outside suitable locations to provide s extended trading areas for businesses.

The Tiny Park will also provide an intimate and comfortable space where people can interact with each other and further strengthen the links amongst our Freo community.

Tiny Park is a City of Fremantle initiative.

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