Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation presents,

Leeuwin End of Year Voyage

Date & time

All day on the 7th of January 2018
until the end of the 13th of January



B Berth, Peter Hughes Drive 
Victoria Quay 
  • Victoria Quay


Celebrate the End of Year on board the Leeuwin End of Year Voyage. STS Leeuwin II is Western Australia’s own tall ship, a 3-masted 1850’s barquentine.  Meet new people, forge lasting friendships and an experience you’ll never forget!

Voyage sails from Fremantle to Busselton from 7-13 January, 2018. 

Experience a week at sea: steer the ship, set and furl the sails, navigate the course and climb the 33m main mast.

Grab a group of friends and join the crew for this amazing opportunity today.

What will you get out of it?
• Confident communication 
• Team work
• Leadership
• Resilience and
• The adventure of a lifetime!

Every participant is invited back to continue sailing as one of our volunteer crew and a reference letter will be provided to those who achieve a voyage rating.

Need help raising funds? Check out our Fund Yourself Flyer for ideas.

Contact us via (08) 9430 4105 or office@sailleeuwin.com for more information today! #jointheadventure #sailleeuwin

  • $2300
    • Kids
    • Youth
  • Available online or phone call.
  • sailleeuwin.com
    • Cash
    • Credit card
    • EFTPOS