Hridaya Penches presents,

4 week Meditation Course

This event has passed.

Date & time

23rd of June 2017 at 6:30pm
until 8:00pm

Additional dates

  • 2nd Jun 2017 6:30pm
    until 8:00pm

  • 9th Jun 2017 6:30pm
    until 8:00pm

  • 16th Jun 2017 6:30pm
    until 8:00pm

  • 23rd Jun 2017 6:30pm
    until 8:00pm



Spanda Yoga School  
19 Blinco Street  
WA 6160
  • Fremantle


Meditation brings a calming to the nervous system that undoes the damage of continuous overstimulation due to our environment and lifestyles. 
There are over 100 benefits from meditation in our physical body.
It also helps balance the emotional body, reveal the joy in life and assist us in a masterful purpose.

Now is the time to learn to meditate and to love meditation!

Hridaya is an expert in the field and will bring us a clear and nourishing 4 week course.

For the four week program and to book in visit the website for tickets.

Price: $99 for 4 Week Course

  • $99
    • Adult
  • Online or cash at the studio
    • Parking
    • Toilets
    • Cash