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Spanda Yoga School presents,

Beginners Meditation Class

This event has passed.

Date & time

5th of July 2017 at 6:15pm
until 7:15pm

Additional dates

  • 14th Jun 2017 6:15pm
    until 7:15pm

  • 21st Jun 2017 6:15pm
    until 7:15pm

  • 28th Jun 2017 6:15pm
    until 7:15pm

  • 5th Jul 2017 6:15pm
    until 7:15pm



19 Blinco Street 
  • White Gum Valley


Do you want to unplug and switch off from a relentless mind or agitated thinking?
Do you suffer from sleep or anxiety issues?
Are you missing a connection with yourSelf and the simplicity of life?

Meditation is an incredible practice, and at Spanda School we take it seriously.

In this beginners class we always explain what you are doing and what the benefits are. And honestly, we are experts. We love meditation and because we know how it works, it fits effortlessly into our day.

This is not simply a relaxation class but a session to change your lifestyle. Come check it out!

Classes are included in the $25 new student ~ 1 week unlimited offer.

What to expect:

Guidance, relaxation, simple exercises to replenish the chi flow through the body, tension and anxiety releasing postures, meditation, breathing and a lovely group energy.


$18 or $60 for the month 

What to bring:

Comfortable clothes & a desire to rest deeply. All equipment is provided.

    • Adult
  • $18
    • Youth
    • Family
    • Adult
  • website or at the door
    • Air-conditioning
    • Disabled toilets
    • Parking
    • Toilets
    • Cash