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Freo's Victoria Quay


There are not many places in the world where you can get up close to the action of a busy working port. At Victoria Quay in the heart of Fremantle you’ll witness the grace of giant container and cruise ships moving in and out of the harbour, you can spot dolphins, visit a world class museum or stand alongside a replica tall ship.

It’s the place where manyy locals travel ‘overseas’ for the first time, leaving the mainland for a relaxing day trip or much needed break to 'Rotto' (Rottnest Island). It's a place for magical sunsets over the Indian Ocean, fisherman try their luck and the huge giraffe like cranes create a dramatic skyline that inspires local photographers and painters alike.

Western Australian Maritime Museum
The stunningly beautiful architectural icon that is Western Australian Maritime Museum is perched almost precariously over Fremantle Harbour. The museum houses several unique galleries with a changing exhibition program and is home to the winning America's Cup yacht Australia II and an Oberon class submarine—HMAS Ovens.

Leeuwin II
A sail training tall ship, the Leeuwin II (Dutch for Lioness) is berthed just outside B Shed at Victoria Quay. The Leeuwin is a working ship that offers a learning and leadership development program for young people. With 3 masts, over 810 square metres of sail and around 55 metres in length, it makes a magnificent sight on the quay. The original Leeuwin Galleon was a Dutch ship that discovered and mapped some of the southwest corner of Australia in 1622.

E—Shed Markets
Established in the E—Shed cargo store, which has been a part of Victoria Quay for almost 100 years, the forecourt at E—Shed Markets is one of the best places on the quay to sit in the sun and look out over the inner harbour. The combination of food stalls and market stalls changes regularly. Check our listings below for our hot spot recommendations.

Bottlenose dolphins
Taking a stroll along Victoria Quay, riding the train to Perth or catching the Rottnest Ferry you’ll often spot a pod of Bottlenose dolphins in Fremantle Inner Harbour. They seem to love riding the backwash from the tug boats, ferries, container ships.

Events coming up at Victoria Quay
Fremantle Ports Maritime Day | Saturday 12 November
Travellers and Traders in the Indian Ocean World | 31 Oct 2016–23 Apr 2017
Ovation of the Seas | 6 & 7 December 2016


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