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If your shiny New Year’s gym membership is languishing unused, you’re not alone. Keeping the love for keeping fit is hard, and never more than in winter. Maybe it’s time to find an off-beat, treadmill-free alternative.

It’s worth a visit to Portside Boulders just to clap eyes on the futuristic, multi-coloured, multi-angled landscape. Rock climbers and would-be climbers of all levels can get their rocks off here, climbing 4.5 metre walls without ropes or harnesses. It’s known as bouldering, and the ever–changing wall configurations are known as ‘problems’. There’s loads of them, and they change each month, for variety. Portside also has a gym and studio where you can take classes in aligned disciplines like yoga and core strength. You need special shoes but you can hire them, which is free on your first try.

Could acrobatics, stilt walking, unicycling and tightwire–walking ever be a drag? How about trapeze, devil sticks, trampoline and hoops? You can find out at Circus WA’s circus skills classes, which are run for adults as well as the youngsters. For the reticent, most classes come with a two week no obligation trial period at the beginning of term. This might be the chance to hone your sense of fun and thrill alongside the usual suspects of strength, flexibility and fitness.

As much about creativity and play as it is about strength and balance, acroyoga is a blend of acrobatics and yoga. That generally means partnering up with someone (or two) in class, doing counterbalances, twists and lifts, but it’s fine to come to a class solo. At Yoga Grooves, they’re also keen to point out that you don’t have to be super strong or springy to participate. It’s more about trust and healing–they even incorporate some Thai yoga massage techniques into classes.

Part disco, part running laps, part Xanadu fantasy, rollerskating is a recreational phenomenon with stamina. Rolloways in O’Connor is proof. With an in–house skate pro shop, they can kit you out in the latest blades and get you on the rink for some of the best heart-starting and buttocks-toning imaginable. During the week skating is a late afternoon and evening affair; on weekends you can take a lesson in the morning and be spinning past the retro wallpaper at speed by the afternoon.