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Another Antipodes | Urban Axis Exhibition

In an Australian first, the Another Antipodes Exhibition Urban Axis is poised deliver the freshest of new art from Africa this winter in Fremantle and one of the largest contemporary African art exhibitions in the world this year. The exhibition presents over 100 works by more than 40 Southern African artists, spanning all media from painting to video and performance, who assert themselves not just as important new voices in the world of art, but also important interlocutors for cultural engagement and dialogue between our two continents. Artists like Mary Sibande, Athi-Patra Ruga, Mohau Modisakeng, Larita Engelbrecht, and others, who have previously featured at MoMA NYC, Guggenheim Bilbao, Tate Modern and the Venice Biennale will headline the exhibition which is set to vigorously challenge preconceptions of Africa and nurture cross-cultural discovery.  Join Another Antipodes Inc in a two-day talks program aimed at elaborating and unpacking the themes in the Exhibition. The talks explore common themes between Australian and African art practice and how contemporary practice is viewed and engages with a global art market. Visiting academics, artists and curators Roelof van Wyk, Marcus Gora, Valerie, Kabov, Gresham Tapiwa Nyaude, Thania Petersen, Richard Butler-Bowdon, Rabia Williams and Dr Giles Ryder join WA industry professionals in a fascinating and informative presentation and panel discussion program touching on colonialism in a globalised context, center v. periphery in art, and culture in a globalised context. These talks are made possible by Quest Hotels Fremantle and South African Airways.The exhibition is proudly supported by MJA Studio, City of Fremantle, South African Airways, Art On The Move, Quest Hotel Fremantle and Art Africa. OPENING16 June, 6.30pm-8.30pmRSVP to EXHIBITION : URBAN AXIS17 June - 22 July 2017Tue-Fri, 10am-5pm, Sat-Sun 10am-2pm TWO DAY SYMPOSIUM : EXPLORING INTERSECTING NARRATIVESDissecting culture and identity in contemporary art practice, and Australian and Southern African perspective10 and 11 June 2017, 2pmFREE, RSVP to ARTIST TALKS14 and 21 June 2017, 6pmFREE, RSVP to THESIS 11 WITH PETER BEILHARZ30 June 2017, 5.30pmFREE, RSVP to Image credits in order of appearance:Jake Singer and Hazard Gallery, Promises of the City, Grasp (2017)Mary Sibande and Gallery MOMO, A Terrible Beauty (2013)Gerald Machona and Goodman Gallery, Untitled (Influx III), (2016)Pedro Pires and Espaço Luanda Arte', Welcome Suit (2016)

EOFY Buffet Special

The rush towards EOFY is about to heat up and by the time 30 June 2017 rolls around you will all be ready for a bit of relaxation with your team. Check out this great End of Financial Year Buffet Dining Special in Fremantle to celebrate and congratulate yourselves: All-You-Can-Eat Group Deal - Monday 26th to Friday 30th June During last week of June, enjoy a delicious all-you-can-eat buffet at the Atrium Garden Restaurant, Fremantle. When you book a group of six or more you'll get 25% off and a complimentary bottle of red and white wine for the table. Book your EOFY buffet dinner now: call 9432 4811 or email Conditions apply. 

EOFY Party Packages

The rush towards EOFY is about to heat up and by the time 30 June 2017 rolls around you will all be ready for a bit of relaxation with your team. Check out this great End of Financial Year Party Package Specials in Fremantle to celebrate and congratulate yourselves: Ball & Chain Party Packages The unique Ball & Chain pub in Fremantle has your EOFY party locked up with beverage packages starting from $40 per person for two hours. We can host groups of any size in our casual main bar, beer garden or book the Bourbon Street Lounge for more gatherings. Click here to view our EOFY Beverage Packages. To book, call 9435 1896 or email  Conditions apply.

FREE Bike Hire @ Little Creatures Brewery

Grab a bike for the day and explore our Fremantle community. There is no charge for a bike rental, just pop in to the Little Creatures Brewhouse and ask a Creature to help you out (Photo I.D. and Credit Card details are needed as deposit).

Nature and art hub for kids and their grown ups

Come and enjoy a refreshment in peace whilst your children explore, create and play in our nature play area. Here at Moore & Moore our Café is 60% farm-to-table and we pride ourselves in supporting local farmers to bring you a range of fresh and organic options. We are firm believers that a healthy diet as well as the opportunity for unstructured natural play can be hugely beneficial in the development of children.Benefits of nature play: • Children who play regularly in natural settings are sick less often. Mud, sand, water, leaves, sticks, pine cones and gum nuts can help to stimulate children's immune system as well as their imagination.• Children who spend more time outside tend to be more physically active and less likely to be overweight.• Children who play in natural settings are more resistant to stress; have lower incidence of behavioural disorders, anxiety and depression; and have a higher measure of self-worth.• Children who play in natural settings play in more diverse, imaginative and creative ways and show improved language and collaboration skills. Single use, repetitive play equipment becomes boring quickly.• Natural, irregular and challenging spaces help kids learn to recognise, assess and negotiate risk and build confidence and competence.• Children who play in nature have more positive feelings about each other.• Bullying behaviour is greatly reduced where children have access to diverse nature-based play environments.• Symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder are reduced after contact with nature.

Pilbara Country Yinjaa Barni Artists

Yinjaa-Barni artists from the Pilbara region of Western Australia tell the traditional stories of their homelands along the Fortescue River. Their paintings tell of the great Marrga or Creation era when the land was formed from the smoke of the Ancestors fires. They recognise and record the transformations of the Land as it goes from parched landscape to green bushland after torrential summer rainstorms. Abundant water forms creeks in the gorges, and the bush blossoms and the wildlife regenerates. The cycle repeats as the land dries out again in the long wait for the next rains. The artists carry the stories of their forefathers and use a variety of styles to represent nature and its cycles of regeneration. The people maintain a long tradition of understanding and working with these transitions.

Right Wrongs 67 Referendum WA 50 years on

On 27 May 1967, Australians recorded the largest ever ‘Yes’ vote in a referendum to change the constitution. After a decade of campaigning, the 'Right Wrongs, Write Yes' catch-cry  led to a symbolic victory for political and social recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 50 years on, we are challenged to consider just how far we have come, and where we are going.  Through a unique partnership, Right Wrongs: '67 Referendum explores the significance of this anniversary within the complex history of the ongoing struggle for Aboriginal rights in Western Australia. Satellite displays at the Western Australian Museum's sites give local focus as members of the community reflect on the referendum and its meaning; a major exhibition at the State Library of Western Australia reveals decades of activism through personal stories and powerful objects; and an educational toolkit developed by the Department of Aboriginal Affairs delves into the archives to present unique and insightful analysis coupled with moving community response.  While there is much still to be done, the 1967 Referendum opened a doorway for change, and shone a spotlight on disadvantage and discrimination.  Right Wrongs: ’67 Referendum – WA 50 years on is proudly supported by the Australian Broadcasting Commission and the National Archives of Australia. #RightWrongsWA A free exhibition This project is a partnership between the State Library of Western Australia, Western Australian Museum and Department of Aboriginal Affairs.WA Maritime Museum entry fees apply

Rivers of the Desert | Anna Petyarre

Central Australia has some extraordinary river channels that feed into the Lake Eyre basin, causing the rivers to run inland rather than towards the coast. The Utopia Homelands are placed within this massive inland river system and the artist Anna Petyarre records the terrain of her country in her paintings. The large swathes of sandy desert country are marked by the flood patterns of the river system, leaving myriad winding lines across the landscape. The rivers are dry for the vast majority of the time, remaining as dry sandy river beds surrounded by the sandhills that follow their contours. But when the rains come to the normally arid inland regions the rivers start to flow along these sandy channels. Lake Eyre is a huge salty inland lake covering 9,500 square kilometres. It exists as dry salt flats for most of the time. But it is 9 metres below sea level, so when the inland rivers flow they start to pour into the lake known as Kati Thanda. The lake fills with water about onceevery ten years, though recent occurrences have been more frequent. Aboriginal people living on Utopia know the patterns of the rivers and the sources of fresh water to be found below the surface. They mark important ceremonial places along its course and have long preserved knowledge of the locations of food sources and hunting grounds. Anna Petyarre records the landscapes and the dry river channels, while including other important features associated with traditional life on her lands. Her paintings are eloquent depictions of the vast country and honour the important aspects of her heritage and culture. Rivers of the Desert is exhibiting at Japingka Gallery from 26 May until 30 June 2017.

The Fremantle story magazine | Winter 2017

Kaya, Wanju. Hello, welcome... our Nyoongar greeting for this edition to celebrate NAIDOC Week with its theme this year of ‘our languages matter’. You can sign up for a Nyoongar language class as part of the Djeran seasonal program at The Meeting Place (page 12). Our Freo story writers have picked out six cosy corners and inspired winter reading to warm your insides. And no languishing over winter, the Freo Clubs story offers inspiration to seek out a local haunt for a game of darts, billiards or lawn bowls. Or maybe live music and dancing is more your thing? We’re excited to add another self–guided walking trail to the Explore Fremantle bag. It’s the ultimate vintage shopping trail to help you find an undiscovered retro gem. We recommend adding a few comforting cake stops along the way.  The Fremantle story team Look out for our printed magazine at visitor centres, cafés, galleries, cinemas, restaurants, bars, universities in Perth and Freo. 

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