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Fremantle Fibonacci Centre presents,

Songs of the Future

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17th of August 2018 at 7:00pm
until 9:00pm



Fremantle Fibonacci Centre
19 Blinco Street
WA 6160
  • Bathers Beach Art Precinct


Perth-based international concert violinist and composer Rupert Guenther, and South African born singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Valanga Khoza, present a unique collaborative show “Songs Of The Future” at the Fremantle Fibonacci Centre on Friday 17 August.

Two gifted musicians from very different backgrounds, coming together again for the first time in 30 years to share their humanitarian ideals for friendship between nations through their music.

It is a concert of original and traditional music, which travels through a fascinating and evocative journey of sounds, stories, and influences, from classical music traditions from Western Europe to jazz, folk, blues and world music influences, including new and traditional South African songs and music, in an array of instruments and singing and playing styles, for which these two artists are each renowned.

The concert features songs, music and narratives exploring the themes of humanity and friendship between nations, interwoven with the two artists’ musical and life influences - from Rupert’s formal classical training in Vienna and diverse spiritual and musical journeys in blues and world music, to Valanga’s search for musical outlets in his childhood in rural township poverty in South Africa, his subsequent exodus from his homeland in search of freedom which takes him through many countries, until finally arriving as a refugee in Australia in 1988, and his subsequent career as a musician and story-teller, as well as earlier intersections of the their lives on stages some 30 years ago including being in the opening act at the Port Fairy Folk Festival in 1988.

“I go by the spirit of what in South Africa is known as Ubuntu, which says that a human being is not complete without other human beings,” says Valanga.

“And through music we share share that humanity. That’s where I come from, that’s across all nations, boarders, cultures, communities - across any divides!

“Our concert - sharing music-making with Rupert - is that journey as well.”

“In coming together with Valanga, we are presenting a healing future of one big global community, where there are no losers because everyone wants to contribute to and lift each other up, not take from or pull them down” says Rupert.

“For me, music is about healing what is broken or hurting, which is behind all the problems we see.

“This concert is a vision of mutual cooperation and friendship between nations, and how respect, curiosity, and wonder produce the greatest leaps forward for humanity in far more enriching and sustainable ways than the competitive dog-eat-dog model we currently see so much of in the headlines, where self-interest and political games of one-upmanship are playing out as divided communities, wars, conflicts and economic slavery in nearly every quarter of the globe.”

Trained as a virtuoso concert violinist in Vienna, Austria, Rupert has released over 27 albums of his original music since 2003 including five CDs commissioned and recorded by ABC Classic FM. He regularly performs internationally, past concerts include The Guildhall Festival, Tate Britain, Docklands Museum of London, University of Denver and Bombora House NYC (USA), Chateau D’Oex Switzerland, Vorarlberg State Conservatorium, St Paul Summer Academy and Church of St Anna Vienna (Austria), National Gallery of Victoria, LaTrobe University, Perth Winter Arts Festival, and Melbourne Festival.

Formerly a member of the Vienna Chamber Opera (Vienna, Austria), he has been sideman to stars such as Beatles’ producer Sir George Martin, Olivia-Newton John, Demis Roussos, John Farnham, Anthony Warlow, Austrian TV heart-throb Tobias Moretti (of “Inspector Rex” fame - the detective not the dog!), and more recently Hollywood singer-songwriter Lisbeth Scott.

Valanga left South Africa in 1976, exiled along with many other young people because of their struggle against apartheid or racism. The music and stories he has since created reflects the places he has been and the people he has touched throughout his journey across the world as a refugee, finally settling in Australia.

Valanga charms his audiences with humour and wit, telling stories that are embellished by beautiful music form many traditional instruments such as the kalimba, marimba and shijoro (jaw harp) as well as irresistible rhythms from the guitar, percussion and Valanga's velvety voice. Valanga has performed and warmed audiences of adults and children at selected world music events and in many schools across Australia and the Pacific.

As well as recording six albums of original music, he is also the author of well known ‘Gezani and the Tricky Baboon’ republished by Ford Street in 2014. In 2018, Valanga is releasing another children's book with Scholastic. ‘Dumazi and the Yellow Lion’ and his long awaited autobiography ‘Skin In The Game’.

Valanga runs annual music and cultural tours to his homeland, sharing stories of his past whilst visitors enjoy the vibrant, lively South Africa of today.

Performances for “Songs Of The Future”:

Tuesday 16 August - ARC Armadale - 6.30 pm -
Thursday 18 August - Perth City Farm - 6 pm -
Friday 19 August - Fremantle Fibonacci Centre - 7 pm -

Limited places. Bookings essential. Bookings can be made on Eventbrite, search for “Songs Of The Future” or for more information call Tanya on 0413 265 831.

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  • Location Fremantle Fibonacci Centre