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Japingka Gallery presents,

Lorna Fencer - Yam Dreamings + Warakurna Artists + Groote textiles

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Date & time

All day on the 29th of August 2017

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Lorna Fencer - Yam Dreamings

The importance of the Yam Dreaming narratives of Central and Western Deserts reflects the crucial role this food source played in the lives of traditional people. The Yam is presented in ceremonies through song cycles and dance performances. Alyawarr women pay homage to its life-giving role, and entreat good harvests on their Country in upcoming seasons. The Yam is seen as a symbol of the well-being of their own Country, sustaining the people in their close synergy with their land.

Warlpiri people celebrate the Creation stories of the Yam, where the Ancestors drew it out of the ground at an underground spring in the Tanami Desert. The Jukurrpa Dreaming story goes on to tell of internal wars that followed, waged over the ownership of the main types of Yams, and warns of the dire consequences for the people when the food resources are not equitably shared.

At the centre of these ceremonies is the message of sustainability and social harmony in the appropriate management of the Yam resources.

Paintings reflecting these great sagas of Yam Dreaming have been created by Warlpiri, Alyawarr and Anmatyere artists including Lorna Napurrula Fencer, Emily Kngwarreye, Minnie Pwerle, Rosemary Petyarre and Galya Pwerle.

Warakurna Artists

Ngaanyatjarra Artists from Warakurna near Rawlinson Ranges on the NPY Lands in Western Australia. Warakurna is a renowned Indigenous owned and run Art Centre which is famous for its bold, joyful and colourful paintings and aerial views of their remote country. Leading Warakurna Artist, Cynthia Burke paints aspects of her traditional country showing the changes that unfold with the seasons and the stages that the country goes through during the year.

These two exciting Exhibitions open on Friday 21st July @ 6.30 pm and run through until the end of August.

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