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Beach Reserve
Fremantle WA 6160
  • East End


At nine metres high, 19 metres long and tipping the scales at 66 tonnes, Rainbow is not your average public art piece.

The sculpture, by prominent Perth artist Marcus Canning, is constructed from nine recycled sea containers joined to form an arch. Colourful and creative, the sea containers form the shape of a giant rainbow as a universal symbol of hope and inspiration as well as being a highly visible Fremantle welcome statement.

The largest public art piece ever commissioned by the City of Fremantle, the $145,000 Rainbow is the jewel in the crown of more than 50 public art pieces throughout Fremantle, a city with a rich arts culture and well-known as a city for artists.

In a complex engineering feat, the massive artwork was pieced together by cranes one container at a time on-site in Fremantle on Friday 12 August.

Read more on the Fremantle story blog. See it for yourself at Beach Reserve adjacent to Canning Highway, overlooking the Swan River and the port! There’s plenty of parking at East Street Jetty.

Rainbow... in the words of the artist

“Rainbow is a new iconic entry statement for the portside City of Fremantle - visible from a range of major entry arteries - from the water, from the air, from rail as well as car. Its presence is as architectural as it is sculptural, awe inspiring for the pedestrian to engage with, a beacon of welcome that is instantly recognisable from afar.”

Marcus Canning

Music by Fait “Slow Glow”

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