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In association with Silverleaf Investments, owner of properties in the area, this is the first in a project centred on creative artists around the Arthur Head reserve area. The inspiration is to bring these top-ranking works into otherwise empty shop windows to make a positive contribution to the city centre, while promoting the artists and their historic, attractive location.

Those beach-front studios are transported to the city via their works and the CBD in turn is linked more closely with the so-close but often overlooked artists at J Shed-Fremantle, Kidogo Arthouse, the beach and adjacent to the Roundhouse.

As a warm-up, the group earlier installed two artworks in the mall of the Woolstores Shopping Centre, one of them a huge sculpture of a ram, appropriate to the name of the centre, which is becoming a popular 'selfie' subject. More shop fronts will follow later this or early next year, for this "Windows on Art" project and there are plenty of stunning works to go around.

The studios and workshops are close to the Round House on the path between the Maritime Museum at Fremantle Harbour and Fishing Boat Harbour. Access via Fleet Street, the stone steps to the Roundhouse or the tunnel under it, at the western end of High Street. They are open most days, but official times are Wednesday to Friday and Sunday 12 to 5pm.

The Bathers Beach Arts Precinct will be looking for empty shop windows in central Fremantle but there aren't enough suitable ones at present, which is hardly bad news! In the meantime, one they have found is displaying art works in the Fremantle Mall, diagonally opposite Culley's.

Contact is Greg James Sculpture Studio Gallery email:

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