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Inkling Art Space presents,

Drawing Machine

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Date & time

16th of December 2017 at 1:30pm
until 2:30pm

Additional dates

  • 11th Nov 2017 1:30pm
    until 2:30pm

  • 18th Nov 2017 1:30pm
    until 2:30pm

  • 25th Nov 2017 1:30pm
    until 2:30pm

  • 2nd Dec 2017 1:30pm
    until 2:30pm

  • 9th Dec 2017 1:30pm
    until 2:30pm

  • 16th Dec 2017 1:30pm
    until 2:30pm



Inkling Art Space  
42 Henry St  
  • Fremantle


Art + Science + Engineering = Drawing Machines!

Join Sam – Teaching & Painting Specialist , and Brigid - Teaching Artist & Textile
Specialist for art making inspired by motion and machines.
Explore drawing in all sorts of mediums – charcoal, ink, paint and more. Build tiny robots
and see what they draw. Attach paint brushes and pencils to your fingers, toes and to trees
to see what marks we can create. Make Rube Goldberg machines and see what effect
gravity has on ink and charcoal.

Human Machines. Saturday November 4th
Elastic Machines. Saturday November 11th
Plant Machines. Saturday November 18th
Gravity Machines. Saturday November 25th
Gear Machines. Saturday December 2nd
Motion Machines. Saturday December 9th

SAT @ 1.30PM | ​$100 TERM PASS OR $20 PER CLASS


This class is messy, please wear comfy, old clothes or bring an art shirt.
Everyone is welcome. Please let us know if you have any allergies, special learning or other requirements.
Our studio is behind Paper Bird, you can come in through the shop.
We can’t wait to make some amazing art with you

  • $20
    • Kids
  • Avaliable at door, or through eventbrite!
    • Cash
    • Credit card
    • EFTPOS