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Watercolour Popsicles

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Date & time

25th of March 2018 at 10:00am
until 1:00pm



15 Mrs Trivett Place 
Fremantle 6160
  • Bathers Beach Art Precinct


Always wanted to try watercolour but not sure where to start? 

The simple shapes and blended colours of icy-poles and popsicles make them the perfect subject matter for a gorgeous watercolour work! In this three-hour workshop, artist, illustrator and surfer Hannah Katarski (aka Mermaid's Coin) will teach you the fundamentals of using watercolours and how to apply them in a quirky, illustrative style. 

In this fun and relaxed class, you will learn how to mix and layer watercolours to create an effective Pop Art inspired painting. Translating the colours and textures of sweet summer treats, you will also experiment with wet-in- wet techniques and incorporate 'happy accidents' into a successful composition. 

About the Teacher: 

Hannah is a maker and illustrator who uses printmaking techniques and watercolours to create work that is vibrant, retro and fun. Her work is primarily concerned with capturing the coastal lifestyle of WA. She also has a thing for Twin Poles. (Don't we all?)

What you will learn:
-Watercolour techniques as it applies to a Pop Art subject matter (Icy Poles and Popsicles)
-Introduction to wet in wet techniques as well as layering and mixing colours
-How to work in an illustrative style

What you will get:
-Use of artist quality paints and brushes
-Artist quality archival papers

What to bring:
-No need to bring anything but perhaps you'd like to bring a notebook and iphone to document.
-If you have an ongoing sketchbook that you like to sketch your ideas in

What to wear:
Closed toe shoes preferred

Appropriate for
Suitable for all levels
16 years and up.