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The Mantle presents,

Liquidbred Beer Education Appreciation

Date & time

20th of October 2018 at 10:30am
until 1:30pm

Additional dates

  • 8th Dec 2018 10:30am
    until 1:30pm

  • 10th Feb 2018 10:30am
    until 1:30pm

  • 14th Apr 2018 10:30am
    until 1:30pm

  • 16th Jun 2018 10:30am
    until 1:30pm

  • 11th Aug 2018 10:30am
    until 1:30pm



The Mantle     
1 James Street   
  • Fremantle


Our 3 hour Masterclass is specifically intended for those wishing to expand their knowledge of what we have generally come to refer to as ‘craft beer’, while not excluding those who perhaps are coming to ‘craft’ beer as a potential novice.

We will aim to demystify the primary differences between ale and lager and thereafter highlight the range of various expressions of both these major beer ‘families’. In a nutshell, this course is for those who have had their curiosity aroused and want to learn more.

As with any course we offer, discussing and elaborating on what we are tasting is critical; the intention is not so much to judge what we are tasting as good or bad, but understand why it tastes the way it does. Within this process, discovering new, interesting and captivating flavours becomes a real possibility. Therefore, roughly the first third of the session will provide background and insight, the remaining time dedicated to tasting through a select range of beers that reflect and reinforce our exploration of traditional brewing and artisanal/craft beer. It goes without saying that our main aim is to enhance an appreciation for beer styles beyond the norm, highlighting beer can be as complex and diverse as wine (if not moreso) and thus hopefully generate an excitement and desire to seek out more interesting, challenging and tasty beers.

MOST importantly, the course will aim to be FUN, ENGAGING, INTERACTIVE & AFFORDABLE and tinged with a touch of irreverence...... so as not to get too serious!  

The Masterclass runs for 3 hours and includes 12 beer tastings, Complementary Liquidbred beer glass and Complementary charcuterie platters & tacos courtesy of Don Tapa.

  • Not Permitted
  • Over 18
  • $80 PP
    • Adult
  • Trybooking