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The Raw Kitchen presents,

Chocolate Making Workshop

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Date & time

24th of March 2018 at 1:00pm
until 3:00pm



181A High St 
WA 6160
  • Central City


We are excited to welcome Willow and Catherine - special guest chocolatiers from Reverence Chocolate - to facilitate this brand new educational, entertaining and sensory adventure into all things chocolate!

Willow and Catherine have immersed themselves in the journey of chocolate for the past decade, travelling the globe tracking down the tastes, stories and secrets of chocolate - we're lucky to have them join us to share the information and skills they've acquired.

Enjoy a nourishing afternoon with raw, rich, dairy-free chocolate tastings in all its myriad forms, explore the story of chocolate and learn a pure, simple and delicious way of making your own divine raw chocolate at home that is incredibly nourishing and avoids the unnecessary adulterating additions and processes of lecithin or other stabilisers, tempering and high temperature roasting!

You will dive deeply into a reverent (and sometimes irreverent) journey towards the heart of chocolate - learn about the sacred tree itself to the sacrament of the most treasured beverage of the Aztecs and Mayans and right through to the birth of the modern chocolate bar.

You will leave with a deeper, more respectful relationship with chocolate, your tummy full of goodness and your own raw chocolate bible with not only the secret to making the best raw gourmet chocolate, but also 3 other divine chocolate variations, the Mayan Chocolate Drink recipe and a takeaway snapshot of how chocolate is prepared and it's health-giving qualities.

Join us for 2 guilt-free nourishing chocolate filled hours! 

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