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The Raw Kitchen presents,

Holistic plant based sports nutrition workshop

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Date & time

26th of May 2018 at 4:15pm
until 6:45pm



The Raw Kitchen 
181A High St 
Fremantle WA 6160
  • Central City


If you train or compete in some form of sport or just like to keep fit, then you will want to come to this workshop. A lot has changed since the old ‘carb loading’ days; this workshop will discuss the new research regarding sports nutrition and how to implement it using a plant-based, wholefood diet.

Join Heath Daly, Naturopath and co-owner of The Raw Kitchen, with nutritionist Amy Lloyd, from Amy Lloyd Nutrition, for this in-depth exploration along with specifically crafted recipe tastings and demonstrations.

Come and learn:

  •     Which specific amino acids boost athletic performance and how to best ingest them
  •     What happens when you train in a fasted state
  •     The best sources of plant protein
  •     The super-charged fat used by 'athletes in the know'
  •     How to turn sleep into the greatest performance enhancing drug available (literally)
  •     How to tailor a program to your bio-individuality

    And much,much more...

PLUS, you'll be learning the following recipes:

  • Micronutrient dense, anti inflammatory quinoa recovery curry
  • Spirulina, mango and pumpkin seed powerballs
  • Coconut milk, chia seed and blueberry leathers
  • Cordyceps mushroom, mesquite, maca and cacao pre-workout smoothie
  • Pre bed-time athletes sleep elixir with theobromine and reishi mushrooms

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  • $125
    • Adult
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