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Just Ice Stick



Fremantle Markets
Cnr Henderson Street & South Terrace
WA 6160
  • Central City


Just Ice Stick Ice Cream is the only soft serve ice cream store offering freshly made cones out of corn, which are a healthy alternative against sugar-loaded cones. With the cone shapes of Just Ice Stick, ice cream can be enjoyed without any spills and mess. The shape of the cone is like a walking stick, is actually what Koreans call “Jipangyi”. But hey! It is a different walking stick, walking ice cream stick.

The yummy and crunchy cones are all natural and 100% Gluten Free. Polenta coarse is what we use for making ice cream cone; no sugar, oil or water are added in the production process.

The result is a delicious crunchy corn snack in the shape of either “J” or “V” with a hollow centre filled with soft ice cream. “J” shape ice cream which we call “Justice” is the biggest soft serve ice cream while the “V” shape which we call “Victory” is smaller with less ice cream filled in.

We also have:

Ugly hot dog – sausage coated with chips

Churros + Ice Cream - fried-dough pastry

Honey Ice Cream – Premium soft serve ice cream with honey chip on top


    • Treats (Sweets
    • icecream etc.)
  • $0 - $10
  • Not Permitted
  • Family Friendly