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Ohana Acai Bar



28 Market Street
WA 6160
  • Central City


Ohana Acai Bar makes healthy, tasty, guilt-free, superfood-rich Ohana Bowls packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and raw goodness!

We make our Ohana bowls fresh to order and super fast so you can get your daily healthy breakfast or lunch without affecting your busy schedule.

Enjoy our premium, barista-made coffee with your Ohana Bowl too!

What does OHANA mean?

The word Ohana honours our kinship to our family, friends and community. It is a celebration of belonging to a tribe!

What is ACAI? (pronounced AH-SIGH-EE)
The acai berry is a tribal amazon superfood that grows wild in South America and which has the highest antioxidant power of any fruit or vegeatable. Antioxidants fight free radicals on your body because free radicals are constantly damaging your cells, we call this ageing! This is why Acai is considered by many as an anti-ageing remedy. Acai is also low in sugar and high in many vitamins and minerals, as well as containing good fatty acids and high in fibre. The health benefits of Acai are astounding and includes helping the prevention of heart disease and cancer.

While Acai is featured in all of our Ohana Bowls, we also have many other superfoods that you can choose for toppings. These superfoods also have extensive health benefits!

    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Coffee
  • $0 - $10
  • Not Permitted
  • General

Opening hours

Open 7 days
7 am - 9 pm

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