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Hells Bells - Bonfest Freo - 96fm presents,

Hells Bells Angus Young Air Guitar Competition

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Date & time

3rd of February 2018 at 7:30pm
until 11:30pm



Fly By Night Musicians Club 
179 High Street  
WA 6160
  • Fremantle


Get your Rock moves on and start practising the duck walk, spinning around of your back, the rock slide, scissor kick...etc for this fun filled show for Bonfest Freo next Feb.

“When I shut my eyes, I can’t believe it’s not AC/DC.”

Opening the festivities on Sat 3rd Feb is Hells Bells, who are Western Australia’s longest serving AC/DC salute band, playing all the favourite AC/DC classics from TNT through to Thunderstruck. This is a no bull, non-dress up band that come from the same school of rock as AC/DC.

Hells Bells’ singer Wayne Curnow is an enigmatic cheeky front man, switching effortlessly between Bon Scott and Brian Johnson vocals. Curnow loves nothing more than to have the crowd in his hands while constantly interacting with them so they feel part of the show. Hells Bells’ lead guitarist “Rocking Rod” Pearson cut his solo teeth on Angus Young 1970’s riffs and licks and is one of the most authentic “Angus” style guitarists on the circuit. The rhythm section consists of Mal “Ozzy” Osborne on guitar, Cam “Lightning” Walsh on bass and Glenn “Warbs” Warber on drums. Together they form the backbone holding this superb band together.

Die hard AC/DC fans can expect live 10-minute versions of Bon Scott classics like Bad Boy Boogie, Let There Be Rock and The Jack – all done with justice and respect

Angus Young Air Guitar Competition:
Hells Bells will also be hosting the Angus Young Air Guitar Competition on the night with prizes and giveaways to all the contestants. So get your rock moves on, practice the duck walk and rock slide and lets have a ball – because we have the biggest balls of all.

The Fly By Night is situated in Fremantle's Victoria Hall - a beautiful historic heritage listed venue with a huge stage, modern bar and outdoor garden area. 

  • $15 - $20
    • Adult
  • Online
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    • Parking
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