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Ex Machine by GreyWing

West Australian ensemble GreyWing present six works where the machine is front and centre. Ex Machina explores music made from, and inspired by, machines and the mechanical. Works include pioneer in the field Robert Erickson, contemporary Europeans, James Saunders, Peter Ablinger, and Joanna Bailie, and new works by Camilla Hannan, Lindsay Vickery and Dane Yates. GreyWing is Kirsten Smith (flutes), Lindsay Vickery (clarinet/saxophone), Melanie Robinson (cello), Jameson Feakes (guitar) and Catherine Ashley (harp).


Investigating positive and negative space in the built environment, Thorley is inspired by contemporary architecture and focuses on elements concerned with the study of light interacting with reflective surfaces.Structural Dependency suggests movement, or rather the desire for movement. Thorley constructs objects that encourage a state of flux. Suggesting subtle tensions between the interplay of the object, the viewer and the space, the artist invites the audience to participate in this subtle and poetic dance. The artist's process for making work emerges after an extended conversation with a given space over time. This contemplation of space allows various angles of inquiry to develop…

The Magicians

 Witness ADAM & SELINA in a riveting evening of mind-blowing magic, mystery & illusion.  Remember, the closer you look...the less you will see.   ​ ​


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2018 is the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein and the birth of science fiction! Come celebrate an important date in modern writing and global pop culture. Please join arts-music performers Genrefonix at the momentous Fremantle Roundhouse for a live multimedia show that will reanimate one of WA’s most historic sites. We'll unearth amazing connections between this 'panopticon' style ex-prison and Mary Shelley’s gothic masterpiece, and have a rockin' good time while we are at it! Come celebrate the amazing and forgotten heritage of WA’s most significant colonial landmark.Frankenstone will begin in the relative serenity and abundant hospitality of the Old Custom’s…


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Choralfest 2019

Choralfest® 2019 Freo will be held in Fremantle WA, from 13 – 16 April 2019. Join us for a celebration of choral music which brings together some of Australia’s finest choirs. Work with and learn from international and Australian conductors who are masters in their craft. We look forward to seeing you in Fremantle!

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