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The Fremantle Story Magazine | Autumn 2017



  • Fremantle


This edition: 

  • It is all about festival & events, with a season that runs through autumn into winter
  • We chat with Kate Hulett about the amazing MANY 6160 and discuss the transition to a new Many 2.0 space on Adelaide Street
  • Enjoy cooking the chili and lemon prawns recipe from Bottega chef, Jamie Galloway
  • Celebrate the internationally reknowned street art in Freo (on walls)
  • Explore the urban wanderlust in Freo's malls, arcades and piazzas 
  • Discover eight foodie delights you need to try when you’re next in Freo
  • Plus discount coupons, Instagram captures and much more


Look out for our printed magazine at visitor centres, cafés, galleries, cinemas, restaurants, bars, universities in Perth and Freo. 

The Fremantle Story Magazine | Autumn 2017 Events