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Fremantle History Walking Tour



The Round House
  • Fremantle


Start this tour from where Fremantle started. Standing next to the Roundhouse, the prominent building at the top of the town you can look down on Bathers Beach where the early settlers first landed. Get a feel for how tough it was when they first arrived in May 1829. Times were tough and people died. They fought duels. They drank to excess. Then be shown around Fremantle by your local guide to see how Fremantle has grown from an ugly duckling fishing port into the beautiful city that it is today with its well preserved architecture and world listed Heritage Gaol.  

Allen, or Big Al, your tour guide is a Fremantle local, having been born and raised in Fremantle.  He has been researching and writing about Fremantle's history for over thirty years so many of the tales that he tells in this walk are unique to this tour. Not that the words you hear are all his, for he also quotes the words of the early settlers which they used to describe Fremantle, or the feelings they held about living in Fremantle.

The tour is about two kms in length and takes approximately two hours, including time for a refreshment stop along the way. (Any costs incurred in the walk are not included in the price.) The tour is walked at a leisurely pace and goes past many of the recognized landmarks of Fremantle.

This tour runs over seven days of the week and offers a wide variety of times when the tour can be taken. For more details go to

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